It’s gonna be a long summer

The end of school and the beginning of summer is generally met with two reactions:

Reaction A: “Yay! The kids are out of school! We have a whole three months of awesome ahead of us because I am the best mom ever!!!”

Reaction B: “Holy sh*t, only 2 more hours before school is out for the summer! TWO MORE HOURS! What am I going to do with these hooligans? Hold me.”

I plead the 5th on which camp I fall in, but I’ll have you know that my girls have been out of mother’s day out since like mid-May, and SERIOUSLY IS IT SEPTEMBER YET?

I hate summer. It’s already reaching into the 90s here in Austin every day, and that’s just the tip of the sunburst. Before long it will be too hot to go outside at all before 10am without wanting to peel your skin off, it’s so dang hot.

So now here we are, barely into June, and I fear that I’ve set the bar way too high for the remainder of the summer.

We’ve been getting in the water since MARCH, my friends. The upside is “Yay, entertainment that doesn’t involve slumming it in front of the TV all day or me having an anxiety attack while trying to do a simple craft with 3 kids!”

The downside is that last year’s Summer of Hell killed all our grass and replaced it with weeds and dirt. Dirt + water = the ultimate party for my kids.

So not a day goes by that they don’t ask to get in the pool (it’s dirty), play in the wacky hose (uh oh, it’s broken), or get out the slip n slide (ooooh, sorry, kids…there’s poop on it).

I can come up with an excuse for anything, I tell you.

But in an effort to give them something new to do and simultaneously pat ourselves on the back for supporting our local community, the other day we joined the YMCA (I dare you not to hum that tune for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.) so we could hang at their awesome pool, sign the kids up for swimming lessons, and maybe a little so I could drop the kids in the child care and have 2 hours to myself go work out?

We’re like 4 days into our membership and I’m already calling this one a big fat WIN. Although there will come a day soon when I will be expected to take all three of them to the pool by myself, and that gives me major anxiety. Did I mention that their latest obsession is “Mommy, I went underNEAT!”

Yes, it’s going to be a very long summer indeed.

Hold me.

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  1. I hover between choice A and B all summer! As a teacher, I am always simultaneously excited to have a summer to spend with my kids and terrified of how I’ll manage to entertain them without killing myself in the process. And the pool with three kids! Oh my! I am still trying to figure out how to do it with two. Little Stacey may be the only pool they see this summer!

    1. Oh I bet teachers are torn! Hopefully you get to have a relaxing summer before getting back into the classroom.

  2. We had to wear sweaters at the park yesterday because it was so cold here.
    I am dreaming of a summer filled with sun and swimming.
    Today it’s freezing and raining again.

    I think every picture I see of Zoe she’s eating. LOL

    1. Dude, someone needs to tell Canada that it’s JUNE. Actually when I was up there it was July/August and we were pulling on sweaters at night. Ridiculous.

      Maybe I take a ton of pictures of Zoe eating because it’s so rare. The girl survives on pretzels and “chocky milk.”

  3. I wish that our Y had a pool!! Man… I’d be there faster than anyone could imagine! I think you made the best purchase of the summer. Good job.

  4. I am somewhere between the 2 camps also. I remember the days of taking 3 kids to the pool alone..but my oldest was 5 1/2 and could swim. Maybe now’s the time to hire a mother’s helper?

    1. I’m so not a mother’s helper kind of person. I’m hoping we can get through just in the shallow end. According to my husband when he took them, the hardet part was when someone had to go pee and he had to get EVERYONE out.

  5. Those are some pretty cute kids to be “trapped” with all summer. Take them to Snow Beach. I can make that last all day! Happy Summer:)

  6. This is my first summer in 7 years without any weekday morning help, and my kids are, um, challenging.

    82 days until school starts….

    (OK, Daughter is not challenging unless you’re an introvert. Which I am. Sons are interesting, at least. We need to get the older one out at least a couple of mornings a week, and haven’t managed that yet. Wish us luck for next week….)

      1. Older son went with siblings on a shopping trip yesterday. It worked nicely for everyone involved, and we got a 2-gallon Igloo water jug to make trips to parks more bearable. Win-win!

  7. Summer school has definitely saved me! I’m teaching but at least I don’t have to deal with my own kids! 🙂 We love the Y. We have a membership that lets us go to any Y in Williamson & Travis County. We should meet up some time! I’d love to see the girls!

    1. We should! The girls would be thrilled. I always wondered what it was like for you to teach and hardly get a break from kids, but it’s totally different when they’re not your own!

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