Some poetry for you

I’m feeling very poetic these days. See for yourself.


Go to sleep
All three of you
You got up too early
And I’m effing tired.


If Claire is nowhere to be found,
Mind you now, she’s laying down.
If to dream land she slips away,
Tonight there will be hell to pay.


My Little Pony?
It’s not so bad.
In Ponyville there’s
Much fun to be had.
But unless you want me to lose my hairs,
Don’t turn on those damn Care Bears.
Also, Dora can suck it.


According to my calculations
It’s bed time.
Bring on the libations.


What’s it like
To sleep through the night?
I haven’t a clue;
I thought you might.
See, it’s been one thousand
Five hundred thirty-three
Since uninterrupted sleep
Has visited me.


Kids are so adorable,
Except when they turn three;
Or rather three and a half; honestly
I think they may be trying to kill me.


I know it’s early,
And we’re both tired,
But there’s something I should tell you:
The husband who lets his wife sleep in
Will be the one to truly win.


Sweet nectar of life.
And sanity.


It’s all fun and games
Until someone vomits in the car.
The end.


So my poetry skills may have started to deteriorate there at the end. Now make sure to go visit my fellow Listen to Your Mother cast member Carlotta, aka A Well Versed Mom for some real poetry. You’ll be happy you did.

I’ll be spending Saturday at MomCom, a “non conference” put together by my effervescent friend Trish Morrison. I went to the last event in January, but didn’t write about it, so I’ll give you guys the skinny this time around. It’s sure to be a fun day.

Also, don’t forget to check out my review of these Melissa & Doug safety scissors over at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff. Is there such a thing as TOO safe???

Have a great weekend! What are your plans?

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    1. I should have worked a little harder to make them haikus, huh? That’s where the lack of sleep came in.

  1. I totally relate to this today – my son woke up before 11, got into our bed, and tossed and turned. After 1 AM, I said, “Stop moving around of you’re going back in your own room.” Finally. Peace.

  2. The three’s were the worst for both of my older boys, and I’m bracing myself for the third. Bracing with coffee, and wine!! UGH!!!

    LOVE these! You have some major poetic skills there mama!!

  3. Also, Dora can suck it…

    My favorite line.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on momcom. I’m not able to make it. I’m planning on next one in Jan.

    Keep up the good work, Shakespeare!

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