The things I do in the name of research

The family and I went on a little staycation last week.

We didn’t have any vacations plans this summer, and we’ve definitely been feeling the pressure of our kids being out of school and our friends posting all of their fabulous vacation pics on Facebook.

We haven’t been on a trip since our last one in 2009, and well…we returned home from that one with a little stowaway. So I’ll say we were long overdue. For a vacation, not another stowaway. Please.

Technically I was “on assignment.” We had the gracious opportunity to stay at the Lakeway Resort and Spa, just outside of Austin, for a night and take advantage of some of their gorgeous amenities. I tell ya, the things I do in the name of research.

lakeway resort and spa 1


First off, we learned that goggles are totally awesome as are grilled cheeses by the pool.


lakeway resort and spa 2


We researched the pool. At length. Claire and Rachel are turning into little fish, practically teaching themselves to swim before their lessons start later this month. And just try and convince Zoe that she’s not one of them.


lakeway resort and spa 3


We researched the dynamic of two individuals when they drop their kids off for complimentary child care and hightail it to dinner. We also learned how quickly two adults can eat before the child care closes for the evening.

I did some very in depth research on this here sandwich and Fireman’s #4.


lakeway resort and spa 4

I don’t recall the last time we had an evening out together, just the two of us. It must have been last summer when Christian’s mom came. LAST SUMMER, Y’ALL. But we managed to work through the awkwardness of “What the hell do we talk about when we have no one to repeatedly tell to sit down-eat your food-get your hand out of your drink!”

lakeway resort and spa

So with no one to reprimand, we just laughed and rolled our eyes at the table of ladies who blatantly ignored their poor waiter as he asked them not once, but twice if they needed anything. Poor guy even rounded the table to approach from a different angle, at no avail.

Ignorant restaurant patrons aside, nature presented us with one of the most dazzling sunsets I’ve ever seen. Sunsets on Lake Travis are hard to beat. And also don’t require any photo editing (holla!).

lakeway resort and spa 9

Later we learned that the 5 of us can share a hotel room and not go completely insane. Key word: completely. And also, beds are fun. And no amount of swimming will sufficiently wear Claire out when she’s taken a nap, but mere seconds after declaring that she’s not tired, she’ll hunker down at the foot of the bed and pass out.

lakeway resort and spa 10

Morning came waaaaaay too early (damn you crack of light peeking through the black out curtains!), but Big Bird saved the day and I was able to step out and enjoy some quiet morning air on the patio.

lakeway resort and spa 11

This is also where I learned that a) my kids won’t give me 5 minutes alone to enjoy this lovely view, b) I can’t make coffee worth a damn in a coffee pot that’s not mine, and the rest of the hotel learned that IT’S MORNING AND IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP WHY IS EVERYONE ASLEEP WHEN THERE IS SWIMMING TO DO.

lakeway resort and spa 12

Oh look, more swimming. Research in the pool concluded that swimming makes you have to pee every 5 minutes. And also my 4 year olds are tanner than me times a thousand.

lakeway resort and spa 13

Final conclusion? I’ll let you decide.

lakeway resort and spa 14

Now head on over and read my actual review and stuff. Did you take a vacation this summer?

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Even though it was close to home, I’m sure it was nice to just get away from the house and have some fun family time! By the way, that sandwich really looks delicious!! I may have to come down there just to get a sandwich!! LOL Glad you guys had a good time!

  2. Love the picture of passed out kids – that’s the best! You guys definitely were long overdue for a vacation & I’m so glad you had this opportunity. We are planning a trip to the beach (such that it is in Texas – hardly qualifies as beach), but looking at your pictures and knowing there’s child care at Lakeway… Well, the beach is looking less and less interesting!

    1. Well, I will tell you that had they not comped us a few hours in the child care, we would not have done it. It was expensive (to us) — $10 per kid for the first hour and $5 for each consecutive hour. So we would have had to add $30 to our dinner cost right off the bat! It would have been nice if it was an all inclusive resort.

  3. How fun! Sometimes staycations are the best. Less travel, less stress and if it looks like this, more awesomeness!

    1. I agree. No flights, minimal driving, and a very short trip home when you’re already exhausted.

  4. What I’m hearing is that it sucks to have little kids the age yours are. Haven’t heard anything great about the resort, other than you got more sleep there than at home. Lucky for me, my kids are way past that age (15,17). Don’t worry, time flies and before you know it, they’ll be sleeping in until noon and you’ll be yelling at them to get up..

    Now.. where to take family for vacation this summer..

    1. Interesting take on it, Maria. I actually love my kids’ ages, as challenging as they are. Did you click on my link at the bottom? That’s where I gave an actual review of the resort with all of the wonderful things I had to say about it. This was my tongue in cheek account of our stay.

      And I hear you about time flying! I try so hard not to rush these days because I know I’ll miss them.

  5. DH and I got away for a science fiction convention last month, that’s all the vacation we really get this summer.

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