I’m right, you’re wrong: Carseat or commando?

One of the best things about being married and parenting is that you don’t always see eye to eye with your spouse on some of the most important issues. You want to use Love & Logic, he wants to use Dad & Logic (which does not exist). He wants to home school, you have faith in the public school system. You want to spend the morning tweeting away, and he wants you to like interact with them and stuff.


I’m telling you, disagreements make for exciting times!


It should come as no surprise that my beloved and I come to a head once in a while on certain things, most notably those in which one parent is trying to take the lazy route, and the other is showing off with their “motivation” and “yes they need a bath tonight, it’s been 4 days.”


So let’s take a tip from Marinka of Motherhood in NYC and employ her method of parental problem solving with a little game she calls “I’m Right, You’re Wrong.” For fairness sake I’m not going to tell you which camp Christian or I reside. Just make sure you agree with me — I mean, pick the one that you feel is the correct path (which should be mine).


The Problem: Zoe has a poopy diaper during a Sunday afternoon trip to the ice cream parlor. Due to a recent stomach bug, this diaper is nas-TEE and has leaked onto her shorts. And since I was obviously very excited about the ice cream, I forgot to pack diapers and wipes for what was supposed to be a quick outing.


Disagreeing parties: Christian and his beautiful wife, Leigh Ann


Position One: You have to get her out of that poopy diaper. Let her go commando on the way home. If she pees, she pees. How could you force your poor little girl to sit in poop? She will totally get a rash and will hate you for the rest of her life. You are a horrible parent.


Position Two: You are crazy. I am not taking a chance on her peeing in the seat. Then we’ll have to take it out of the car and WASH it. I would rather apply a little diaper cream than deal with that business. Here’s a rag for her to sit on — so she doesn’t leak anymore and we have to wash it ANYWAY. Have some sense! It’s not that long of a ride.


Well? Who is right?


PS — Thanks to my impeccable memory and a good dose of luck, I found a random diaper in the car. So if I don’t win the argument, at least I kinda won at that.

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PPPPS — I think that’s all for now. Maybe. I might be back with more.


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  1. OMG.

    Of course she should sit in the diaper rather than risk peeing on the car seat. She’s not an animal, for the love of god.

    by the way, what kind of ice cream did you get? If you say “vanilla” I’m not speaking to you. Unless there’s some left over, obviously.

    1. Congrats, you picked the correct choice!
      And it was “Texican” vanilla gelato, with a scoop of raspberry gelato. Who leaves leftover ice cream, anyway?

  2. I feel like a dad would say to clean her up and freak out over a dirty diaper because they have no idea how many we change in a day. It’s tedious. It’s frustrating. And we can’t wait for them to use the damn potty.

    I think leaving her in it would be the best idea. Cleaning a car seat is much harder than cleaning a bum.

    1. Ding ding ding! Sometimes dads don’t know how far we let things get before we’re willing to do something about it. I hate cleaning our car seat.

  3. Diaper cream fixes butts a lot faster than I can clean out a poopy, peed on car seat.

    We have two car seats, the one in my car and the puke car seat which hubs has to use. The kid puked in that car seat approximately 22 months ago. I still don’t want it in my car.

    1. Haha! We had a puke incident out of town. Thank God my dad was able to take it and clean it for us.

  4. I would have left her in the diaper. I’d be afraid removing the diaper and she’d not only pee in the seat, but poo in the seat. And can you imagine the car seat looking like the said nas-TEE diaper? No thank you! I too would rather deal with a rash than deal with nas-TEE carseat. (Let’s face it, with the Texas heat, any nastiness causes smell and smells linger. FOR.EVER.)

  5. UGH. I would take her out of the diaper. Knowing me I had some random things in the car (towel, etc) for her to sit on. But then again- you are also talking to a mother who pulls over on the side of the road so her 3.5 yo can stand peeting in a cut inside the mini van whenever the mood strikes. No, he is not potty trained. Just likes to f with my head.

    1. Heck no! I did have some random clothes in the car she could have sat on, but with my luck she would’ve peed a lake right through it all. But congrats for not being as lazy as me!

  6. #2. No pun intended. For no good reason other than my laziness. Though I guess it would depend on the length of the drive . . .

    1. I accept this answer. I’m lazy too. (It wasn’t TOO bad of a drive, but we did get caught in a terrible rain storm that probably made it twice as long.)

  7. Sorry, no. Poopy diaper comes off. Once upon a time I might have chosen differently, but that was before Hellbaby got the diaper rash from the burny teething poop that became a staph infection and a huge boil in her poor little asscrack and had to be held down in the doctor’s office while evil people squeezed and squeezed and mashed and mashed on her poor little butt and she screamed and screamed and screamed.

  8. This sort of situation is why I kept a towel or two in the Suburban, and almost lost my cool when my husband mentioned, about 45 minutes out of town for an overnight trip that he’d cleaned a bunch of stuff out before he loaded, including a towel that was oddly shoved under a seat.

    Fortunately we didn’t have an object lesson on that trip, but he learned to check with me before removing anything that didn’t make sense to him after that.

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