Today I can

In light of horrific events that stripped some people of their loved ones last week — I’m actually writing this on Friday, the day that news of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings broke  — I find myself with a new attitude towards, well, everything, as I look at my three healthy, gorgeous kids who are here.


So today I can say yes.

Yes I will make you as many eggs as you want for breakfast.

Yes, I’ll pretend to be Pinkie Pie in My Little Pony. She’s my favorite, you know.

Yes you may ride on the outside of the Target cart. And duh, we will get free cookies from the bakery.

Yes I will endure aisle after aisle of grabby hands and tossing of random things into the cart without losing my cool.

Sure, you can have chocolate bars for lunch (full disclosure, they were chocolate Clif bars. So. Good.).

Yes, you can wear my sunglasses. It is awfully bright outside.

Yes, you can watch Kipper.

And thank you for reminding me that I said we could have popsicles for snack time. What flavor would you like?

Swimming after dinner? Why not?


Today I’ll listen to everything you have to say with every ear I have.

Today I’ll carry you when you want to be carried and relish in your arms and legs wrapped around me.

Tonight I’ll get up with you to come adjust your blankie. 3 times.

I’ll dig up patience from places I didn’t even know I had it buried.

I’ll hug you tighter than I probably ever have.


Because I can. And Lord remind me to do it all again tomorrow, too.

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  1. This is awesome, out of the ashes, attitude is EVERYTHING! It is always the right time to show your love and gratitude because you just NEVER know what tomorrow brings. Love you.

  2. As do so many of your posts, this brought me to tears. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes the tragedies to make our anger melt away, our patience grow and to make us remember to cherish every moment because it could be our last. Beautiful post Leigh Ann. It is so true. 🙂

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