The eyes have it

People who don’t wear glasses or contacts freak me out. My sister just got glasses this year. My sister in law only has to wear them for night driving. My father didn’t get glasses until he was well into his 40s, and that was mainly for reading. My husband’s prescription is so weak that I […]

Anatomy lesson in the pool bathroom

We met some friends today at the pool for some late morning/early afternoon swimming. We twin moms tend to travel in packs. It’s really nothing to us, but the parents with just one or two kids kind of gawk a us as we spill into the pool area with our collective 8 children — SIX […]

It was a palooza of bubbles

Last Saturday we braved the extreme heat for a fun, free event called Bubblepalloza. Sure, we could have blown bubbles at home, but it’s even more fun when you drive all the way downtown and subject yourself to the full force of the sun on fully exposed and barely shaded concrete terrace. Sometimes I really […]

Blog material courtesy of your friendly neighborhood YMCA

I will tell you something right now: Joining the YMCA has been hands down the best thing we’ve done this summer. It may also be important to note that we didn’t go on a real vacation, and the one out of town trip we did take involved lots and lots of vomit. So really, there […]

Anatomy of a photo shoot

Anatomy of a photo shoot involving 3 tired, sweaty, and squirmy children Step 1: Find an interesting location with a serene feel and good lighting. This random pavilion with some kid’s birthday party going on in the back will be perfect. Step 2: Make sure children are well dressed and that their hair is perfectly […]

The hills are alive with the sound of my kids coughing

I love living in Austin. This town is chock full of fun things to do, year round. Every summer in Zilker Park (it’s like Austin’s Central Park, only smaller, and with slightly fewer transients) the Zilker Theater Productions puts on a Zilker Summer Musical at the Zilker Hillside Theater. Are there enough Zilkers in that […]

I’m boycotting the Olympics. Kind of. Not Really.

If you couldn’t tell by the clever title above, I’m not watching the 2012 London Olympics. I’m boycotting. Or maybe it’s less boycotting, and more that I’m just not able to watch it. But if I was boycotting for some reason, I would be rocking that cause. We canceled our cable almost a year ago. […]

If you should ever meet me

The cool thing about blogging and social media is that you can get to know some really rad people. And then you meet them in person and sometimes you’re all, “OMG you are exactly like your blog!” But sometimes you’re all, “I can’t go talk to her. She won’t know who I am.” And sometimes […]