It was a palooza of bubbles

Last Saturday we braved the extreme heat for a fun, free event called Bubblepalloza. Sure, we could have blown bubbles at home, but it’s even more fun when you drive all the way downtown and subject yourself to the full force of the sun on fully exposed and barely shaded concrete terrace.

Sometimes I really think Austin is crazy for planning things like this in the middle of summer, but apparently that didn’t stop us from going, now did it?

First we placed stickers on a map to show how uncool we are what part of town we live in. There were plenty of stickers further north than us, but I heard they had already caught their flights back home.

bubblepalooza austin

Here we learned that while it may be cool to make your own bubble wand out of pipe cleaners, they really don’t blow bubbles for shit. And they get all soggy.

BUT…best bubble blowing apparatus there was a fly swatter. Who knew? Now we do.

Also, it was really hot. Have I mentioned Texas is hot in the summer? We’d been there less than 5 minutes and were pretty much soaked, partly from sweat, and partly from the bubble solution that was deemed fit for splashing 4 year old hands in.

texas flag bubblepalooza austin

Look at all that breeze blowing the old Star and Bar around. Whew!

bubblepalooza austin

Good thing lemonades as big as your face were only $3 with $1 refills. We claimed a square foot of shade and hunkered down for a while to draw with some chalk.

bubblepalooza austin twilight sparkle

I renamed the event Chalkapalooza, or Mom-draw-me-something-palooza. My being able to draw attracted crowds of literally 5’s of people. 4 of those were my family members, but whatever. I was rocking that chalk and kept horning in on others’ spots for more canvas.

I’m sure they appreciated that. Who doesn’t appreciate a good piece of chalk art?

What fun thing did you do this weekend?

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  1. Looks like lots of fun!! An artist + chalk + huge pavillion = endless creative opportunity!! I love your Twilight Sparkle and bubbles! 🙂

  2. Your drawings are fantastic!! Please draw more and then post them.
    Your so talented.. look what you did with chalk! All I can do is hopscotch squares.

  3. Love your Twilight Sparkle, but I sorry to say that I think Zoe’s bubbles are the hands-down, or hands-up winner. Man that kid can draw and with shading too. Glad you had fun.

  4. Haha, love it. Better you than me, though. Oy. That’s something that my kids would love for a while and would make me super duper cranky really really fast.

    1. You know after a certain point you acclimate and just stop sweating. After that it’s kinda nice.

    1. Ha! Don’t be too fooled. But some days it really does feel like it’s getting easier. Then some days it doesn’t

  5. I hate extreme temperatures so hard. You guys are good sports though, getting out there and doing family stuff in the hellacious heat.

    Did you draw those chalk bubbles? Those are some seriously pretty bubbles. 🙂

    1. You know, living here we have to. Unless we want to remain shut ins for the entire (and very long) summer, and trust me we do plenty of that.

      And yes, I claim those bubbles! Thanks!

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