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I will tell you something right now: Joining the YMCA has been hands down the best thing we’ve done this summer. It may also be important to note that we didn’t go on a real vacation, and the one out of town trip we did take involved lots and lots of vomit. So really, there wasn’t much competition.

We’ve been a lot. It’s hot here. Like really hot. We don’t go outside unless we’re in the water, making trips to the Y pool frequent and necessary. So imagine our surprise we pulled up Saturday afternoon, and noticed that the parking lot was practically devoid of cars.  Usually Saturday afternoons at the pool are crowded, hot, and seriously can I cram my family of 5 into the sliver of shade you’re not using THANKS.

First we were all Score! No one else is here!  Then we were all, Uh…wow, like no one else is here. It was empty, silent, and still. Taunting us like a refreshing, blue, chlorinated drink on a sweaty day. The girls started to panic that they weren’t going to get to swim after all.

Let’s check out the indoor pool, I said. This one’s closed.

Yeah, it has poo– Christian stopped mid poop. He knows I hate it when he makes up excuses. I’m a fan of telling it like it is. Plus, I kinda hate it when we’re out somewhere and the kids assume they can’t do something like go to the park or dilly dally on that rock because it has poop on it.

So we headed inside where two guys at the front desk greeted us as we scanned our tags.

What happened to the outdoor pool?  I asked.

Desk guy 1 leaned against the counter, looked outside, and gave me his best I’ve said this 141 times already today voice: The obvious. Seriously, if I could italicize these italics for emphasis, I would do it. I could practically hear his facial muscles straining to keep from giving little old naive me the world’s biggest eye roll.

And then Christian rejoiced all afternoon that he would have been right and now I can’t stop him from using his poop excuse because well you never know.

Also, this happened:

ymca hot tub

I’m not sure how to feel about the 6 of you who liked this.

Pro tip: Use the stairs with the rail. That little sitty step is way further down than it looks in that frothy water.



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  1. Ooooooooh, no.

    But seriously, there should be a way to emphasize even more than italics. Italicized, bold, and all caps?

  2. Awesome!! Sounds like a fun day!! At least they had an indoor pool so you had another option!! I liked your status only because I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that has done that!! You are right that the step is a lot lower than it appears. I’ve done the very same thing and it is a bit shocking!

  3. I have witnessed a pool being closed many times for just such a reason. I swear, some weeks we were cursed, then we go months without a problem.

    Honestly, I’m amazed you didn’t have an issue before now with the hot weather.

    I remember giggling at the hot tub status, because I know I have done that at least once.. maybe twice in my life.

    Maybe more.

  4. I worked in the swimming pool industry for over 10 years. You wouldn’t believe the frantic calls I got about what to do because XYZ is in the pool. My ex-husband worked at a waterpark as a paramedic and there was a whole page of codes for things floating in the pool. For the record – I’d rather deal with code brown than code rainbow.

  5. Ew. And ack. And I also must know: What IS code rainbow?

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