I’m boycotting the Olympics. Kind of. Not Really.

Tower Bridge London 2012 Olympics

If you couldn’t tell by the clever title above, I’m not watching the 2012 London Olympics. I’m boycotting.

Or maybe it’s less boycotting, and more that I’m just not able to watch it. But if I was boycotting for some reason, I would be rocking that cause.

We canceled our cable almost a year ago. We hemmed and hawed over it, knowing it was the financially responsible thing to do, seeing as our kids watched 95% of it. We just didn’t have time. Or we didn’t make time. Christian and I stood helplessly by as episode after episode of our former favorite shows piled up. I couldn’t justify the cost of cable when we can watch a bunch of annoying kids’ shows on Netflix.

The problem is that after we canceled the cable, we — that’s the royal we, but I really mean he – never made the move to actually hook up the TV to watch local network channels. We don’t watch the news, but who needs the news when you have Twitter? I can watch Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family on abc.com, and I’ve now developed a healthy penchant for Netflix documentaries, which are perfectly legit and educational (I highly recommend Being Elmo and Eames: The Architect and the Painter).

Now I really love the Olympics, so as they drew near, I made my case for putting “hooking up the TVs” on the honey-do list. But despite my techie husband, my TVs mysteriously remained unhooked.

I fired my personal technician and turned to Google, but that was just a whole bunch of info about cables and letters and numbers, along with pictures of cables with letters and numbers, and I’m a writer, not a technician, okay?

So I didn’t get to watch the Opening Ceremonies.

I missed the men’s eye candy swimming, but did find out that Ryan Lochte is a total douche canoe.

I didn’t get to watch any beach volleyball, but did learn that there are a lot of unidentified asses out there in the women’s volleyball world.

I did get to watch 30 minutes of women’s gymnastics while at the gym, but it was quite distracting. I was so into it that I almost flew off the treadmill in my own concentration. Turns out Olympic parents aren’t the only ones who involuntarily mimic the athlete’s routines.

So the Olympics hasn’t been what I had hoped, and I’m bummed! But at least I have a year and a half to get my husband on that damn task of hooking up the TVs in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, right?


What has been your favorite sport to watch in the London Olympics? What else have I missed?


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  1. We haven’t watched it and we have satellite. Just not interested

  2. You should know that I was watching gymnastics every chance I got. I saw the team get gold and saw Gabby get gold in individual all-around. I also enjoyed watching the swimming and saw Michael Phelps in his final Olympic race , in which he got gold along with a few others in his final Olympics. I haven’t been that interested, but every once in a while I will switch it over just to see what’s going on. I have watched a little bit here and there and seen some indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, water polo, which I don’t get, and last night I watched some womens’ diving and some of the track races. The only thing I have made sure I watch is the gymnastics. Everything else, was take it or leave it, I only watched because there was nothing else on.

  3. I haven’t watched any of the Olympics yet…. I mean aside from the highlights on Good Morning America. Honestly… I’m not sure that I’m missing something awesome. Besides…. if I watched it then I’d have to turn off Dinosaur Train or some silly Disney tween show and the inmates would revolt!

    • Ha! I know. My kids would surely not want to watch it. I wish I could have it on in the evening though. (And holla to Dinosaur Train!)

  4. LOL “total douche canoe”. I’d rather watch the rowing men. :)
    My husband was a pain about watching it – he claims that his parents forced him to attend too many ballet recitals and gymnastic meets growing up for his sister and he refuses. With one TV, that makes it painful!

  5. We got rid of our TV a year and a half ago so I’ve been in the same boat although I did get to see the opening ceremonies and a bit of gymnastics, I thought I’d be sad not to tune in but as it turns out I don’t feel like I’m missing all that much.

  6. We are going to dump cable next month and it is on my Honey-Do list to figure out the HD antenna. 30 days and counting…

    I loved the gymnastics and enjoyed swimming and track. It amazes me how fast people can be.


    • C said we needed an HD antenna, but I didn’t really believe him. And he never got around to getting it anyway. Our tv in our room is OLD. But he said that we needed it because all of the channels are HD? I have no clue.

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