Don’t trust foods with WOW in the name

When I went away to college, I went away to college. Not far, but I embraced college life with full gusto. I lived in the largest dorm in the country (used to have its own zip code) at the largest university in the country. College holds so many new experiences, even beyond the underage drinking […]

Goodness and weirdness at Bloggy Boot Camp

I spent the past weekend at the Bloggy Boot Camp Conference in Dallas with my Austin blogger friends Melissa from Domestic Engineering and B from Unexpectedly Expecting Baby. This was all kinda weird because a) I had never really been out of town with girls I didn’t really know that well, b) Dallas is my […]

I have arrived…to 2011

When something really really really really exciting happens, you tend to tell the world, shout it from the rooftops, announce it on Facebook. Do you see how insanely crappy that photo is? Because it was taken with my insanely crappy droid with its insanely crappy camera that has a 5 minute lag between the time […]


Today was (finally) the first day back at school (hooray!) for the 4 year olds (yippee!). And I didn’t sleep a wink last night. All summer long, as we trudged through gymnastics classes, swimming lessons, and day after long day here at home, I’ve said that I absolutely cannot wait until these two are separated in school […]