I have arrived…to 2011

When something really really really really exciting happens, you tend to tell the world, shout it from the rooftops, announce it on Facebook.

iphone facebook announcement

Do you see how insanely crappy that photo is? Because it was taken with my insanely crappy droid with its insanely crappy camera that has a 5 minute lag between the time you hit the button and the time it actually takes the picture. And it probably had smudges on the lens, because, you know, MOM.

This little ditty arrived as a total surprise on Wednesday, thanks to a loving husband and an unexpected sale, and I may or may not have ignored the children for the rest of the day to play with it. Facebook that doesn’t suck! Twitter that is about the same! Phone storage that I don’t have to clear out every hour! It’s shiny and sleek, and I’m terrified that I’m going to drop it or maybe I already have, but actually I’m going to blame it on Rachel. In any case, I need a force field around this thing, stat.

Two of the things I am most excited about are the built in camera and Instagram. You can follow latorres78  if you like photos of adorable children and probably a lot of self portraits of me trying to make out with my new lover:

instagram self portrait

I’m also interested in any kinds of apps you guys can suggest that may do things like get up and make my kids breakfast, make sure the laundry’s done, and clean up the puke from the forever vomiting cat. I mean, it IS a 4S, so I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?

And of course since I just got mine, you should be able to expect the announcement of the iPhone 5 like tomorrow. Because that’s how my life works.


Seriously, what are your favorite apps and/or iPhone addiction intervention programs? Excuse me, I have to go cuddle with my new baby in bed.

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  1. I myself am no help, but I’ll do a signal boost, see if any helpful iPhone folks I’m connected to *can* help you.

    (My Droid4, with physical keyboard, is meeting my needs nicely. At least, most of the time- leaving long comments anywhere can get dicey, is my only complaint right now.)

  2. I saw you on Instagram last night and was like, “Holla!” I’m a proud new smartphone owner myself (and I dropped mine the first week I had it – out of my parents’ loft, no less!). I love mine. I’m still new to the app world myself so I’m no help whatsoever, but I do love Words With Friends!

    1. Oooh we should play! I’m genieinablog. Yes, I know none of my usernames match across social media. It’s how I roll. I still haven’t decided how much I want to accost everyone with instagram photos, but it sure is fun.

  3. Im on instagram. I made it manly to keep an eye on Zoe cuz I’m a creaper as she says but I honestly love it now. Always love seeing new photos of people I know. I sadly still have my jacked android where Facebook sucks and I don’t do twitter yet. But I did find out yesterday Zoe now has a twitter account so looks like I might be going soon so I’m gonna go look you up and if you want to follow back mine is hamer76. Jealous just saying LOL.

    1. Ha! If her tweets aren’t protected, you can still spy on her. They’re all public unless the person sets up a protected account. I do NOT look forward to the teenage years in this social media age.

  4. When I got my iphone it was like the heavens were singing… it’s seriously the best thing ever. There is no way that I’d ever go back to anything else!

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