Goodness and weirdness at Bloggy Boot Camp

I spent the past weekend at the Bloggy Boot Camp Conference in Dallas with my Austin blogger friends Melissa from Domestic Engineering and B from Unexpectedly Expecting Baby. This was all kinda weird because a) I had never really been out of town with girls I didn’t really know that well, b) Dallas is my hometown, and I wasn’t even able to hook up with my family while I was there, c) Melissa may have tried to spoon me in the hotel bed after the post conference Mirassou Wine party. The details are a little fuzzy.

Anyway, I learned a ton that I’m still trying to process and soak in before it escapes my brain and before the short people take over my life again, but even weirder than the changing in front of new friends and being spooned by someone who was not my husband, was how much I missed my family.

It was all cool during the day. The conference kept us busy and inspired. There was always someone to talk to, or at the very least, a smartphone to bury your face into. And mimosas! But as the day wrapped up, and I looked around at the women in the room, many of whom were from the Dallas area, I got a little twinge in the pit of my stomach. They were heading home that night to their families, and I was aching to see mine.

Such a baby. I never got homesick as a kid. But here I was.

I had gotten to facetime with Christian and the girls with my fancy new iPhone earlier that day. He gave 2year old Zoe an impromptu haircut, getting rid of her awesomely 80s rat tail that I had been itching to braid and add beads to. The girls found a frog at the park. And then Zoe stepped on it and killed it, so then they had to bury it, because my husband is a way better parent than I am. I totally would have just kicked it into the grass and exclaimed, “Oh, Froggy had to go home and see his family!”

So I texted him that I missed the haphazard, chaotic, incredibly loud mess of a family that we had. And then he set me straight.

bloggy boot camp text

Apparently I was a little confused. I won’t let it happen again.


A few photos from the weekend, spooning not included, because that stuff’s private, yo:

BBC collage 3
Clockwise from top: Hanging with the Barefoot Wine guy, feeling short but ecstatic to meet Mama Kat, WINE, cloudy Dallas skyline, self portrait with adorableย Traci, MIMOSAS


If I was lucky enough to get to meet you at Bloggy Boot Camp, then welcome! I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, and since I’m a brand new iCrack user, you can also catch me on Instagram at latorres78, trying to find the most flattering self portrait filters.

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  1. Hey Leigh Ann! I think we got to chat briefly at BBC & of course on twitter (I’m @growSoulBeauty too). I had a great time too & thought they did a wonderful job. I’m going to be in the process phase for a while too- going through all my notes & figuring out what tasks I want to tackle first.

    1. Of course I remember you! You’re right — they did a wonderful job with the conference. So laid back and comfortable, and I can’t wait to put that information to good use. I look forward to connecting with you more!

  2. I wish we could have seen you while you were here, but it looks like you had a great time and I’m glad you got the opportunity to get some time away and have fun doing what you love!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I know, me too. It was weird being like 10 minutes away and not seeing you guys, but we didn’t leave the hotel at all. Hopefully soon!

  3. Well, I’m driving up to Dallas next weekend – if you can roll at 10AM Friday, you can ride along! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. She’s magnetic, isn’t she? And I was kind of ready to take back that “I missed them so much” statement this morning. But oh, I love those crazy little people!

  4. It was great meeting you at BBC. I don’t know if I would have made it had I not been able to hop in the car and drive a quick 15 minutes home on Saturday. Good for you for staying strong!

    I am looking at my list, too, and trying to decide where to go from here. I’m following along so I can see where this takes you!


    1. Great meeting you too, Annie. I look forward to keeping up with you! Definitely need to prioritize the list of to-dos now.

  5. Looks & sounds like it was great fun!

    I never get away from my family so when I do go away for a weekend I relish it and don’t miss them … much!

  6. I love this! I can so relate – I itch and itch and itch to get away from the drudgery of my day-to-day life and then as soon as I do, I miss it! I’m actually heading out of town tomorrow for a girls’ weekend, which in theory should be a lot of fun, but I’m already worried than I’m going to miss Hubs and Lil’ Bit so much by Saturday night that I won’t be able to enjoy myself. Which is just plain crazy. Who DOES that?

    Anyway, BBC Dallas looked like a lot of fun! Three thoughts:

    1. I’m jealous you got to hang with the Barefoot Wine guy. I love his Cabernet.

    2. I’m jealous that you got to meet Mama Kat. Because, well. . . she’s Mama Kat!

    3. LOL at your husband asking if he can quit his job yet. That sounds like something my husband would say. Yay for supportive husbands with a good sense of humor. Someday I’m going to write a post on mom bloggers and the men who love them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Oh Kristin, I hope you really do write it! That sounds like a fun post to write. It’s a blessing and a curse being married to a blogger, I’m sure. And Mama Kat was seriously lovely. Wish I could have gotten more time with her!

  7. I ended up here when I was trying to decide if I want to go in Minneapolis this October (2013). I think I will! It was fun to google it and see your blog come up in the top few. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That means you get to hear the fabulous Heather of the EO speak! She just recently moved to Austin from Minnesota, and I’ve been lucky to get to spend some time with her. She’s awesome!

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