House meeting

Conversations in the garage while he works out and I watch him work out and think about eating some ice cream:


“Hey, so, there used to be this guy, and he would come and clean up all the toys in the living room for me after the kids went to bed. Every night. He was like a magical toy elf. But then something happened, and he’s gone. Now when the kids go to bed, he just goes off and gets busy with ‘other things,’ like lifting weights and playing pirate computer games.”


“Oh, really? Well, you know my wife? She loves to take these sticks, and then find these big bushes. And she just goes around beating them. She beats around those bushes like no one you’ve ever seen!”


This is how you hold a family meeting after 10 years of marriage, my friends.

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  1. 😀

    Ours are more complicated, but there’s stuff like neurologist appointments for kids and person-who-buys-groceries-twice-a-week is not the same as person-who-cooks-dinner, making things a leetle more interesting.

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