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Exciting news today! Or tomorrow if you get this in your email!


BlogHer, the largest community of women bloggers in the world, has chosen to syndicate my recent piece It’s Just a Thing, in which I deal with the 4 year olds breaking something very special to me. I’m very honored that they chose to highlight this piece and share it with their gazillions of readers.


I hope you’ll come see me, tell me what you think, or give me some sparkle!

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Leigh Ann Torres
Writer, artist, wife, cook, maid, bookkeeper, mom to twins plus one...all around genie in a bottle, except you only get one wish, and it has to be reasonable.
  1. That’s fandamntastic! Good job!

  2. Congrats! A very well-deserved honor – that was a really great piece. Off to see your name in lights! :0

  3. So proud of you!!! You deserve it.

  4. Did I say I was proud of you yet???

  5. That’s awesome!! I loved that piece. One that was very touching and relatable.

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