No sew bat costumes for the super lazy

This year in preparation for Halloween, all the girls could talk about were ghosts. I asked them about a million times, and each time they insisted that they wanted to be GHOSTS for Halloween. Super! This mom can do that! See, I’ve made their costumes every Halloween for the past 4 years, this one being […]

Because everyone should start their weekend with pictures of goats

Hope your weekend is getting off to a great start! We went from wearing shorts and flip flops yesterday to huddling around fires for warmth today because here in Texas anything below 60 requires 3 layers of clothing and lots of complaining. Not to worry, it’ll be back up to 80 by Wednesday, and we’ll […]

Running: Not quite a love story, but whatever

I hit the pavement for the first time yesterday since completing the Austin Tough Mudder event. It’s amazing how fast 2 weeks can fly by when you’re not actively training for something. You keep telling yourself things like “Tonight!” and then when tonight comes it’s “Okay, tomorrow then…” and then tomorrow morning comes and since […]

Where DO My Little Ponies work?

Conversations with Rachel:   Where’s Daddy? He’s at work. Why he at work? Because he goes to work every day. So we can stay home and have fun. Do you know what Daddy does at work? He works with compeeters!   Here, Mommy. You play with Rarity. I play with Rainbow Dash. Ok. “Hi Rainbow! […]

My cat is a bully and kind of a jerk

A few weeks ago when I was out taking the girls to school, we had some visitors by the name of Animal Control drop by to pay Christian, who was working from home, a visit. Turns out our sweet, gentle TigerCat had taken a snip at one of the neighbors.* *By “sweet and gentle” I […]

Tough Mudder Austin: the course, the takeaway, and lots o’photos

Attention! Tough Mudder Austin recap! It’s long. But it’s also my birthday, so you kinda have to read it, right? Plus there’s pictures! Well, I did it. 12 miles. 28 obstacles. Lots of mud. Lots of water. And I loved every minute of it. Well, almost. All jokes aside, I seriously did almost back out […]

One Tough Mudder, aka Nice Knowing You All

Sooo….this is awkward, because I’ve kind of been meaning to tell you all something, and this may be the last time you ever hear from me.   This Saturday, October 6, I will be participating in… Have you seen this event? It’s insane. I’m like 1 part excited and 99 parts terrified. 12 miles. 28 […]