Suck it, Daylight Savings Time.

I’m so over Daylight Savings Time.

First of all, I’m not sure what the difference is between “Daylight Savings Time” and “the END of Daylight Savings Time.” Not that it really matters, because they both suck for different reasons. Which one is it in the fall, anyway? You know, the one that makes my kids think it’s okay to get up and demand breakfast at 5:34 IN THE MORNING.

Newsflash. That is NOT okay.

And to all of you praising and thanking the lawd for your extra hour of sleep, I only have 2 words for you: Suck it.

Look, I’m sorry. I’m not really all that mad. I’m just tired. You see, I have a habit of staying up too late. Sometimes I’m working. Sometimes I’m reading. Sometimes I’m catching up on my 12 Words With Friends games. Whatever. That’s not the point, really. It doesn’t matter when you go to bed when you’re getting woken up 5 times a night with 4 year olds crawling into your bed, 2 year olds crying out for blankie coverage, and other 4 year olds wandering in because they noticed their sister is missing from her bed.

The point is, as most parents of actual children know, THEY DON’T GET IT. If you’re going to up and change the time and sunrise and stuff on us, the least you can do is leave a memo (or perhaps a threat?) to the kids that they are NOT TO WAKE THE PARENTS UNTIL THE APPROPRIATE TIME, which may differ from household to household. Around here, it’s 7am, but I usually cave at 6:30 and turn their light on and throw a handful of toys their way before ambling back to bed.

I poured my second cup of coffee at 10am this morning. Because I had already been up for 4.5 hours. Which means that this will likely be a record breaking 3 cupper for me today. Huzzah! (Also, what does huzzah mean? Did I use it right?)

And another fun fact: my kids don’t nap anymore. Not even the 2.5 year old. Which means that come 2pm they will be writhing in fatigue induced agony and I’ll be forced to numb them with bowls of goldfish crackers and YouTube videos of the Three Stooges. Do they need nap on a day like this? Sure. Would I like them to nap on a day like this? Absofreakinglutely. Do I want their 45 minute snooze keeping them up until 10pm while I’m trying to work and not lose my ever loving mind because I just want them to go to bed already? Hells no.

Parenting is all about sacrifices, butΒ this 5:30am wake up time? Needs to end, like yesterday.

Thanks a lot, DST. You have more than worn out your welcome.


In other news about the country…I had the most chill voting partner Tuesday. She proudly upheld her civic duty of waiting in line whilst holding Mommy’s hand, only hitting the dude in front of us once with her My Little Pony filled purse, and sucking on a lollipop while Mama got her vote on. ‘Merica! I hope you got out and voted too!

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  1. I almost hate to say this. I mean, I kind of feel bad about saying it. And will probably immediately be jinxing our good luck, but…my baby has somehow been sleeping better since the time change this weekend. The first two days were terrible and now he’s sleeping until 6:00 or 6:30, which is early but way better than 5:00! I’m totally with you on pretty much always hating the time change and how it messes with our schedules, particularly the kids’, so much!

    1. Oh yeah, 6 or 6:30 is WAY better than 5. And with a baby, I’m sure you get nap times too, right? No naps make for LONG days.

  2. I could totally feel the agony in this post… Even in our house with a 15 and an 11 year-old we felt the time change and it was more than annoying.
    My son quit napping at 8 months old and I remember being tired for about 5 years… Hang in there!

  3. I’m pretty lucky that my kids are a bit older and even the 4 year old likes to sleep in… they must have that from their mommy!!! πŸ™‚ Hope it gets better soon. Raising my cup of coffee to you! πŸ™‚

    1. My big girls, now 4, slept in until we put them in toddler beds. Now they are up at like 6:15. And 6:30. And 6:34.

  4. I should probably just go ahead and “suck it” as you suggested, but I will instead note that you will EVENTUALLY come to love falling back. As with everything else miserable about having a toddler, it all passes. ; ) In the meantime: espresso is much more efficient.

  5. I have totally been in your shoes…every year except this one. I was dreading the time change with every fiber of my being, because she would get up earlier than normal and take forever to adjust and I hate to say this, but Cheyenne has been sleeping about the same or later than before the change. I have actually had to wake her up at 8:15 on Monday and today to get ready to go to school. She’s going to bed a little earlier, although I tend to get ready for her to go to bed then look at the clock and it’s only 6:45. πŸ™ But I’ve been putting her to bed about 8:00 and she is sleeping until about 8:30. They will adjust, it just takes time. Keep your head up (if you can keep from falling asleep) and it will get better….just in time to lose an hour in a few months. LOL πŸ˜‰ Raising my decaf coffee to you!! πŸ™‚

  6. She is SO CUTE!!!
    I so know what you’re talking about. We’re currently working on S sleeping in her OWN bed for the whole night.
    It’s not been a great start.
    Hopefully she gets it soon because I AM TIRED.
    I can’t imagine how tired you are.

    1. Dude. C came to sleep with me last night and I was so tired I barely even woke up. I immediately fell back asleep, only to be woken up every 30 seconds with her jostling and suffocating me with her hair. I was ecstatic when she asked to go back to bed.

  7. That first day was a pain, but our son has slept later ever since. Weird. The nighttimes are what kill me right now. It’s dark! It’s should be bedtime and Twitter time. But nooooo.

    1. Just wait until he drops his nap. You will get your evenings back. Totally makes the hellacious afternoons worth it.

  8. I think I took the time change harder than the kids. Although, the baby has been waking up at his “regular” time, not his “mama approved” time. I think I MAY finally be almost sort of getting used to it, though. You know what I hate? Pitch black at 6 freaking PM.

    1. I like the darker evenings because they feel cozy. The downside is that I often run at night and I HATE running in the dark.

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