The ridiculous things that being tired makes you do

Yes. We’re still suffering from PDSTTSD: Post Daylight Savings Time Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s causing some nasty behavior around here. I think I just realized today why it’s bothering me so much this year — it’s our first fall time change with no naps. Sure, I tried the other day. Zoe reluctantly slept for about 30 minutes, Claire fell asleep after playing with her sister for almost an hour, and Rachel never fell asleep and ended up playing games on my phone so I could feel kid free for a few before waking Claire up, since a 5 minute snooze gives her insomnia of ginormous proportions.

N-E-WAY. Here are some things that seem like a great idea when super tired, but probably aren’t. Or maybe they are. You never know until you try.


Throw a soccer ball at your sister’s face.

Gargle your water in an attempt to be silly (or just being 4) — and choke on it.

Or choke on the water you were just trying to drink normally.

Decide that it’s a good idea to pile 3 kids in the car for some errands. Thank God for those that don’t require actually getting out of the car.

Pour your 2nd up of coffee, usually reserved for the 3 o’clock hour, before 10 am.



Take off your perfectly good pants and exchange them for last night’s pajama pants. Inside out.

Oh wait. Never mind, just put them OVER your current pants.

Laugh your 4 year old butt off at Three Stooges shorts.

Decide that instead of building a castle, you’re just gonna throw them blocks all over the room.

Trip over a crack in the sidewalk and vehemently blame your mother

Doze on the couch while toys fly around you, 50 mosquitoes fly in through the open back door, and someone beats on the wall maliciously with a wooden hammer.

Refuse to sit in the bathtub. Fatigue also makes your butt hurt.

Hit the sack at 6:34 pm.


Hallelujah! I haven’t been one of those thankful people doing thankful posts all over the social media, but today I was sooper thankful for a husband who walked in the door, albeit later than usual (or preferred), to take over putting the kids to bed.

I know I’ve been a bit ranty this week. Sorry. Don’t be too misled. We actually did some pretty fun stuff today like had a picnic in the front lawn, painted fingers and toes, and enjoyed a few Three Stooges shorts, which by the way have you tried that? Four year olds effing love that crap.

So…I’m going to bed RIGHT NOW. I swear. After I make the lunches and dig some clothes for tomorrow out of the overflowing laundry basket. It’s clean, I promise. I think.


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  1. Haha!! That’s a great list. Although, instead of blaming you for the crack in the sidewalk, you should tell her that if she steps on a crack, she breaks her mother’s back….remember that?? LOL I bet she’d avoid those cracks then! LOL I love this list, although I’m sorry you are all having a hard time adjusting and I hope you can get some rest and the girls adjust soon. Love you guys!! 🙂

  2. We had a day like this, too. I felt like a circus big top had landed on top of my house. As hard as it is to stay positive at 4:30 pm on a day like this, I know I am going to miss them with everything I have in just a few short years. Thanks for an awesome post. Keeps me motivated to hear other stories from the trenches.

    1. It’s a circus around here during all waking hours. The fatigue made it seem like there was a fire under the big top. But I know I’ll miss them too.

  3. OMG I’m so happy you wrote this! This is exactly how S is when she’s tired and it drives me nuts!
    Brian doesn’t understand that she’s tired and plays with her more! GAHHHH

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