Did you have a good Thanksgiving weekend? I hope you stuffed yourself full of turkey and carbs like I did. I also hope you’re feeling 10 pounds heavier like I am. Thanksgiving detox starts NOW.

I could write all about how we went to Dallas and had lots of fun with my family. Or I could SHOW you how much fun we had in pictures.

And if you follow me on Instagram or we’re Facebook friends…well, you have likely already seen these, and now you get the pleasure of seeing them again. So Happy Thanksgiving to YOU.

Clockwise from up top: 1. Delicious cookies we made and (I) decorated. Dudes, getting decent looking icing on cookies is a job and a half. I’m still exhausted from it all. What they lack in looks they make up for in flavor. 2. Zoe thinks her cousin Cheyenne is hiLARious. 3. I gave the kids cookies, then caught R&C sitting in this rocking chair together. Like twins or something. 4. We swang. Swung. What’s the past tense of swing? 5. Wide shot of the kids’ tables. They ate a whole lotta NOTHING. 6. More swanging.

So glad that Baby Keesa approves of our hotel. She slept with Rachel and Zoe snug as bugs in one bed, while Claire and I snuggled in the other. Christian had to rough it on the pull out couch. I would feel sorry for him, but he’s not the one that got woken up at pre-6am on Friday, and it wasn’t for shopping.

1. Cousins feeding the ducks. Me freaking out that someone’s going to fall off the dock. 2. Claire found a caterpillar and named him Silly. Or Puma. It kept changing. 3. A later than usual dinner at a busy restaurant. It’s painfully obvious that we don’t go out to eat much. And that my kids are used to instant gratification. 4. Another shot of Silly. Or Puma. 5. ERMAHGERD!!! DERKS!!!

Waco, TX (halfway between Austin and Dallas) is known for 2 things: The Elite Cafe, which used to be a cool diner whose claim to fame was “ELVIS ATE HERE!” but has been remodeled and is now kinda “meh,” and those Branch Davidian bozos. But nestled behind the Elite Cafe and not anywhere near the Branch Davidian compound is a tiny little joint called Health Camp. I’ll tell you a secret. It’s not really all that healthy. But it’s stupid good. And THIS is where you need to stop on your road trips.

Even though my family is only a 3 hour drive away, we only travel up to Dallas a couple of times a year (due to expenses, not lack of desire to see them). And it’s moments like these that make it all worth it.  It sums up everything that Thanksgiving is all about: family, togetherness, and being grateful for all we have. I’m thankful that these two got to see each other again and quickly became best buds.

Happy holidays, y’all!

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  1. Awesome!! Cheyenne had SO MUCH FUN with her cousins and wants to know if you guys are coming back next weekend. Because Cheyenne says it’s okay for you guys to come back next weekend. LOL We had such a great time and I’m so glad you guys were able to make it up and spend some time here this time! It was fun!! XOXO

  2. Your cookies look so good!

    I’m laughing, because our posts today start with nearly identical words & sentiments. I swear – hand to God – I’m not plagiarizing. So funny.

    We used to stop at Elite every time we went to Dallas, and you are so right – it’s meh now. Such a bummer. Next time, we’ll try Health Camp.

    1. That’s okay. I published my “What’s on my nightstand” post that was already in draft before we even talked about it the other night!

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