This week was hellacious, and I’m sooper thankful it’s Friday. Or Saturday, depending on when you’re reading this. Or Sunday. Monday? Oh, hell, I’m just glad someone is reading at all.

Monday through Wednesday were stressful trying to get a tone of work done and prep for family photos (more to come later). Meanwhile my house was falling apart all around me, the only food left in the house was pretzels and lollipops, Christmas decorations lay strewn about, and if I had to tell the kids one more time to stay out of the tree, heads were gonna roll. (WAAAAAAAHHHH!)

Thursday I was finally able to relax a little since the photos were done. The big girls went to school, so I avoided doing any more errand running with Zoe so I could address the ruins I call home. I cleaned half the house and vowed to only live in those rooms for the rest of my life.

Then during a diaper change, I noticed that Zoe had bites all over her legs, one that was swollen and hot and teeming with infection. What bit her? I have no idea. Maybe ants. She was complaining about something in the grass during our photo shoot, and because I am the best mother EVER, I blew it off thinking it was just dry grass poking her.

Marking spots? I’m gonna say that she deliberately chose to draw a happy face.

A few hours later (and a massive amount of frantic texts to Alex — hooray for doctor friends!), I was at the pediatrician with all 3 kids (hide your jealousy) getting a prescription for antibiotics — that I didn’t pick up right away (see above: best mother EVER.). It wasn’t that I was deliberately blowing it off — it’s just that every time I go straight to the pharmacy from the doctor, I still end up having to wait like 30 minutes, and I don’t know if I mentioned that I had all 3 kids with me and it was late in the afternoon?

So imagine my surprise when I got there in the evening to find a closed pharmacy, then realized I had originally searched the wrong location and had the hours wrong (actually I’m not really surprised I did that at all. See again: best mother EVER.).

I had to wait until this morning to get the meds and give her the first dose, then try to explain to the pediatrician’s nurse that YES the infection has spread about an inch beyond the squiggly Sharpie line you drew around it, and NO I didn’t give her the antibiotics last night because flesh eating infection or not, no way am I taking these lunatics to the pharmacy at 4:30 pm. And also I can’t read times on a website.

And then we were back at the pediatrician in the afternoon for a shot because of course this stuff always happens on the weekend, and if the redness didn’t recede by Saturday we were going to have to take her to urgent care or the ER or something completely unnecessary had I just gotten the medicine when I was supposed to. My pediatrician is the nicest woman and never appears to be judging, but I’m sure her whole office thinks I am a big fat douche canoe.

Then for extra special effect as we were leaving the doctor’s office, Rachel got her fingers caught in the elevator door. And naturally there was a bystander to witness me being the best mother EVER.

Bringing it all around to tonight we fed them dinner devoid of any nutritional value. I fell asleep on the couch without even realizing it, and then watched the Expendables 2 for obligatory marital togetherness time, during which I was supposed to be watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but along with reading pharmacy locations and hours, I also fail at sorting my Netflix queue.


Happy weekend!


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  1. #1, you are NOT the worst mother ever, #2 your pharmacy should have a drive-thru (if it doesn’t because then at least the mayhem is contained?) and #3 I’m surprised benadryl wouldn’t have been a “Plan B” recommendation from the pediatrician? Just curious and please don’t kick yourself like that. 🙂

    1. They do have a drive thru, but even waiting there is difficult. I figured since the pharmacy was open late, i could avoid the mayhem. I didn’t figure I would be wrong about the hours! She did get benedryl at the dr office before we left. I was conveniently out. Best mother ever! 😉

  2. Hope she’s doing so much better. We kept the Tylenol near to help the pain until I could get botics to the kids. I know this all too well, unfortunately. 🙁 Hugs.

    1. She is, thanks. The shot helped stop the spreading, and it cleared up pretty quickly after that. Lesson learned!

    1. Yes! The funny thing is that since I had to wait until the next day, I still had to take all three, AND I had to go inside to grab some Benedryl. I bribed them by promising each of them their own box of candy canes. You do what you gotta do!

  3. I spent 25 minutes waiting in a drive through with two crazy kids, one screaming and the other out of their car seat and trying to escape into the busy parking lot. The pharmacist was trying to be nice, to work with insurance to get the prescription covered better, so I could pay less, but he didn’t listen when I said ‘I DONT CARE, I WANT TO PAY IT ALL!’ And you aren’t the worst mother, I did a similar pharmacy-hour-mistake when my baby needed prescription diaper rash cream. It makes you want to break into the place, right?

    1. What sucked the worst was that my phone literally said 9:02, and the place was completely deserted. They don’t waste any time!

      In hindsight, I could have played some videos on my phone while we waited in the drive thru. I don’t usually think of these things until later, but I wasn’t even concerned about it since I thought the pharmacy was open until 10!

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