Did Jesus Wrestle with His Dad?

The girls have been prepping for their Christmas program at preschool, which you KNOW was crazy adorable. I didn’t know what they were singing, but snippets I caught at home sounded like something along the lines of “Jesus Loves a Hippopotamus in a Manger.” You know, one of the classics.

After school one day we sat around the table eating snacks and talking about their day, and we broke into an impromptu version of Jesus Loves Me. I stopped after the first 2 lines, and Claire…well she kind of carried the rest of the song:

Jesus loves me, this I know.
For the Bible tells me so.
And she gave everyone a big hug and big kiss,
And she walks to school, then she says hi,
And she goes home to wrestle her dad.
She was a very good girl…
Jesus loves me
She gave me a cookie for Mommy and Daddy,
Lots of babies…

So in conclusion, Jesus gives everyone hugs, kisses, and cookies, walks to school, and wrestles with Dad. Oh and is a girl.

We’re ignoring that part about “lots of babies.” This baby factory is CLOSED.



This past week has been a sad one for this country. Our faith has been shaken, but not destroyed. I want everyone to remember that despite this dark cloud, there are people out there right among us who still need our help, as well as wonderful people right under our noses doing amazing things to reach out to those in need. I updated my last post with more links on how to help those in Newtown, CT, and my friend Alex has a list going over at Late Enough. But please also consider local efforts. I recently read that SafePlace is down 80% in donations this year — items that they need for their residents and also items that their residents choose from as gifts for their families. Visit their site to find out how to help. Please also consider the Austin Children’s Children’s Shelter, or any organization that speaks to you.




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  1. Ah, too cute! My girls are really into Jingle Bells, Batman Smells… these days. And talking about farting. Sometimes I think they might be boys. Except dressed like princesses.

    1. Haha! I need to teach them that version. Sometimes I think my girls might be boys too. They’re way more into cars, planes, and dinosaurs than they are baby dolls. Except the baby dolls that they like to throw up in the trees and get stuck on purpose.

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