Ushering in a new era of Christmas

The girls had some unusual requests this Christmas.


My girls are not baby doll mommying, princess tea partying girly girls. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; they’ve just always preferred dinosaurs to dolls and cars to teacups, all of which we have. But their version of “Baby Boy and Baby Girl” is more like “You throw Baby Girl up and get her stuck in the tree, and I’ll throw Baby Boy up to knock her free.” Not really what I expected, but meh. They’re happy and using those imaginations in a way I never predicted, but appreciate.

I had no idea if the airplane that squirts water was something Rachel had actually seen, or if it was something she had conjured up in her head, so of course it exists. But all was forgotten when she found and fell in love with “Space Mater.”  We took a picture and sent it to Santa, because that’s what you do in the digital age, especially when you’re kids can’t write. When she opened it on Christmas morning, I nearly died at the happiness on her face. She’s barely let him go since, except to go to bed. That Space Mater’s loud, yo.


Claire had been rattling on about Hello Kitty houses for weeks, until she fell in love with a “squishy purple dragon with a red horn” that she found on a random shelf at Target. Someone please tell me something about Skylander, because I have no idea what it is. On second thought, save it.

From then on it was all she talked about. As she emptied the contents of her stocking Christmas morning, her hand caught the feel of something squishy. She peeked inside, saw purple and red, and her face lit up with excitement. Of course Santa had brought the squishy purple dragon with the red horn.

She’s more excited than she looks, trust me.

Of course Zoe got her dog. That girl has me wrapped around her little finger, even when she’s at her most aggravating, so how could I not? She’s now the proud owner of a little puppy that looks just like her SamDog. Watching her hug him and shush him at bedtime is one of the most darling things I’ve ever seen, but now she doesn’t allow him in bed because apparently he can’t be quiet. The perils of being a dog, I guess.

This year we also had each girl choose a gift for one of her sisters. It was the hardest simple task we endured this season, and it took all of 2 minutes before Rachel had picked out a gift and Christian texted me telling me that Claire and Zoe were also done. Claire shopped for Rachel, and picked out a set of finger paints. Rachel shopped for Zoe, and chose a Slinky (because she totally wanted it for herself). And Zoe shopped for Claire and picked out an awesome black pencil case with a silver dragon on it. Each gift was perfect for its recipient, and the act of having them give to one another was pretty magical. The fights over the Slinky, not so magical.

With their growing distinctive personalities and emerging likes and dislikes, we really felt like we had a handle on this Christmas. We knew that Rachel may not care for that Brave doll, but she would really dig these Hot Wheels. I needed to replace the baby bunny of Claire’s that we had left in a Starbucks bathroom. And I knew Zoe would love a new tea set for her elaborate parties in which she pours me cup after cup of delicious coffee because she somehow knows I’ve had a crummy night’s sleep (and likely she’s the reason).

Also there’s this from Nana and Grandpa and Aunt Lori:

And this from Grandma, Aunt Michelle, and Aunt Jenny:

train table

And then this from Santa, even though he was too lazy to build it the night before. He works hard:


I may be sorting and organizing furniture and rebuilding train tracks for the rest of my life.

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  1. Wow, looks like a wonderful Christmas. And I love that you have the girls pick out presents for each other, picking out presents for my sisters and brother has always been one of my favorite things about Christmas.

  2. What a great Christmas!! We had a great time down there! I love that you had the girls pick out gifts for each other. I think they are at a good age to start doing that and instilling the value of giving at an early age.

  3. This reminds me of the Christmas when my baby brother was five and all he wanted was a Barbie Dream house. My awesome parents obliged him, of course. Hmmm…I sense a new post brewing. Is it too late to eke out one more Christmas story?

    Glad your family is enjoying the holidays! xo

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