2012…in favorite posts and photos

I can’t believe we are winding up 2012 already. Seems like just yesterday I was still trying to write 2011 on everything.

What I found interesting about 2012 is that I don’t really remember any of it. And maybe that’s because I took less photos to jog my memory? I’m not sure. I just know that when I recapped 2011, it seemed like I really had a good memory of each month, and here? Well, I’m lucky if I remembered to feed my kids.

I also went through some uncertainties about my writing for 2012. Looking at the big picture, I didn’t really think I published much of merit, and maybe I didn’t. But as I reviewed my posts to choose my favorites — and I really do choose MY favorites, not my most popular according to stats — I had a hard time choosing just one or even just two. So I guess I really did like what I had to say this year, even if no one was reading.


Let’s start off with January. At the start of the new year I started writing part time for Free Fun in Austin. Feels good to work my brain a little. And she hasn’t felt the need to fire me yet, so there’s that.

Fave posts of the month: The One Where I Emerge as the Nerdy Old PersonIs Motherhood Really the Hardest Job on the Planet?. I also did a guest post for my friend Missy at Wonder Friend about The Ultimate Housecleaning Checklist. Being on of my most shared posts evah, I think it’s worth a click over.

Just like in the womb…only probably with more kicking.

February brought Zoe’s second birthday. She’s always looked so babyish to me, but I can clearly see the changes in her over the past year.

Fave posts of the month: The Very Merriest Birthday to You. To Who? and A Roxanne Kiss. Because who doesn’t love it when their child tries to make out with them?

Birthday girls wear yellow Disney princess skirts under their dress. And carry their sister’s lunch bag.

March is always lovely here in Austin. Spring came super early this year and we were already getting in the water I believe. Sometimes even the toilet water.

Fave posts of the month: Soften the Blow, along with And That’s When I Knew it Was Time to Hide the Plungers.


In April we borrowed a Tahoe and took a little road trip down to SeaWorld San Antonio, courtesy of the fine folks at Chevy. The park was fun, but all my girls really cared about was the hotel pool. I also started contributing for This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff, where I get to…wait for it…make fun of stuff! Actually we do funny and honest product reviews, DIYs, and recipes. It’s a really fun site and team to be a part of. Last but not least, I was honored to be chosen to take part in Listen to Your Mother Austin, along with 14 other incredible writers. I know the word amazing is totally overused, but it was amazing.

Fave posts of the month: Weird Feelings and Ramblings and Such, where I took a nap and thought I was pregnant, and I Have a New Gardener, which will surely make you go “Awwwwwwww…..”

Abby Cadabby Sesame Street
We totally met Abby Cadabby! Elmo was too busy for us.

May. Preschool let out. I knew it was going to be a long summer up ahead. We joined the YMCA to give us something to do and to save my grass a little from all the water toys. It didn’t work. For the grass, that is. Also, I killed Pearl, my poor Mac.

Fave posts of the month: Listen to Your Mother: From Here to Eternity — my recap of the LTYM experience, and Four Is


In June we had a little staycation opportunity in nearby Lakeway, where we learned we are not near fancy enough to even eat hamburgers in Lakeway. Still an awesome time. Oh, and it was hot. Go figure.

Fave posts of the month: She Sees Me, for all the self conscious moms out there, and Some Poetry for You (hint: I’m not really a poet, which you will learn upon reading that post)

OMG it’s just the two of us! What in the world are we supposed to talk about?

July was still wicked hot, but we braved the YMCA pool often. Swimming lessons with twins were SUPER fun.

Fave posts of the month: Around the Bonfire: Cut the Kid Talk (a guest post I did for the lovely Gigi of Kludgy Mom), and Swimming Lessons! Or something of the like, where I try to make you feel better about your life.


Oh look! August was still hot. I’m telling you, this was the longest summer of my life. I love my kids, but by this point, being home all the time with them was driving me crazy. It was too hot to do anything NOT in the water, and taking 3 kids to the pool was doable, but kind of stress inducing. I didn’t realize it until later, but I really did start to get a little depressed and anxious towards the end of summer, being together all the time.

Fave posts of the month: It’s Just a Thing, where I realize something I truly treasured had been destroyed, If You Should Ever Meet Me, my answer to my extreme BlogHer envy, and Anatomy of a Photo Shoot.

Look kids! A pool of stagnant water! I think we saw a dead frog. It was THAT hot.

In September the big girls started their second (and last!) year of preschool. I repeat: This is their LAST year of preschool before they start kindergarten. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that. My husband and I also got a lovely night away at Austin’s oldest and fanciest hotel, The Driskill. Big thanks to my MIL who was visiting and volunteered to take care of the kids. I don’t think she’s quite recovered, but I know she loved every minute of it. This is also when I got my iPhone, so that along with my not really having a computer to call my own, I started picking up my DSLR less and less.

Fave posts of the month: Unbreakable; Great Expectations (guest post on G*Funk*ified. Worth a click over if I do say so myself.)

Rachel, Grandma, Zoe, Christian, Claire, visiting the girls’ Aunt Rachel’s resting place.
driskill austin
Our gorgeous hotel.

October always brings my birthday and Halloween, but this October was better than most. My husband and I completed the Austin Tough Mudder challenge — his second, my first. There is hardly a thing I stare down now that I tell myself I can’t do. Certified Badass.

Fave posts of the month: Tough Mudder Austin: the Course, the Takaway, and Lots o’ Photos; Do You Oxford? (grammar and marriage…a dangerous combination)

November was sugar and spice. My girls took Daylight Savings Time hard this year, but things eventually came full circle, and they stopped waking up at 5 a.m. Then, Thanksgiving (in Instagram photos)!

Fave post of the month: Because That’s What Mommies Do? Part Two

Photo Courtesy Brandie Lynn Photography

December has been pretty mild until these last few days. We Texans don’t do cold well, I’ll tell you that.

Christmas this year was really fun. The girls got the concepts more, both the true meaning of the holiday and the secular. We took photos of their most sought after toys to send to Santa in leiu of writing letters, because ibviously Santa has an iPhone too. Probably a 5, the jerk.

Fave post of the month:  That Christmas; Santa Through the Ages


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  1. As usual, great post!! I love your recap, pictures and have enjoyed reading every post this year, even if I didn’t comment. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what all happens in 2013!! Happy New Year!! 🙂

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