That time everything in my house broke at once

You know what we people take for granted? Hot showers. You know what else? Dryers. Warning! This post is chock full of first world problems, friends. It all started a few weeks ago when my dryer — not a spring chicken, I admit — started making a clattering noise straight out of your worst laundry […]

A running playlist (for the music snobs)

I’ve been running. A lot. I’m chugging right along in my Zooma half marathon training. Some days I think I’m gonna rock this half! Other days I think This totally sucks, I’ll surely never make it. But thanks to the fact that I commit to things almost to a fault, I’ll be there and attempt my […]

Headshots: A humbling experience

I got headshots taken yesterday. Sidenote: Every time I type “headshots,” I end up missing the “o” and typing “headshits.” Which would probably be more accurate. Having your photo deliberately taken is a humbling experience, preceded only by childbirth (vaginal or c-section, all your goods are on display for even the lowest rung assistant to […]

I ran today, and you can too

Austin is a fit city. I’m talking FIT. Everywhere you go, especially downtown, people are milling around, basking in their high levels of moisture wicking fabrics and low levels of body fat. It can be a tad intimidating. I’ve fallen a little behind on my training. It’s been cold here in Austin. Laugh all you […]