Discouraged and blergy

grumpy face

I’m grumpy.

I’m hitting a wall in my half marathon training, and I’m getting discouraged Β (I know y’all are so over me talking about this, but it’s a big part of my life right now. Can we still be friends?). There will be no inspiration or life lesson from this post today (joke’s on you — there never is!), nor am I looking for your pity and assurance that I can do this. Scratch that. I will take your pity. And heck, I won’t even turn away your encouragement.

Last week when I ran 6.25 miles for the first time, I was on cloud 9. I felt great the entire time. I felt like a badass afterward. I wondered if I’d hit that runner’s high that I’d heard so much about. But best of all, I felt like I could do this half marathon.

Today I’m feeling less confident and rather blergy.

Since then my runs have ranged from “meh” to “Like, OUCH,” most recently ending inΒ “ERMAHGERD THIRS SERKS!” My right foot’s inner arch hurts, making my ankle hurt, and radiating up my leg. I can’t depend on my right leg for any strength during a run. Stepping off a curb or over some wacky terrain the wrong way could possibly cause my whole leg to give out. Hopefully no one will be watching when that happens. OR maybe they will be, and I just might make someone’s day. SILVER LINING, Y’ALL.

I had a shoe fitting at Luke’s Locker at our Zooma training kickoff a few weeks ago. Shannon was super knowledgeable and really took a hard look at how I walked and jogged, inspected my shoes for signs of how I run, and thank God I had on good socks that day so she wasn’t subjected to my normally dingy whites. It’s the little things. She told me that I slightly overpronate and fitted me for a light stability shoe. I decided to wait until I could justify spending $115 on shoes, and unfortunately I think that time has come. Last time I bought a pair of shoes that cost that much I was a carefree teenager and Doc Martens were still in style.

It’s probably the pain talking, but since no run has been good like the one I mentioned above, I’m feeling down and discouraged. I love that I’m training for this race. I’ve always “meant” to register for a race, but never actually did. This gives me something to shoot for. Training for something gives me a goal and a challenge, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it when the girls run down the street calling out, “Look! I’m essercising!”

But it’s proving to be quite challenging indeed.Β How naive of me to think I could just go out and train for this thing with no real knowledge of the sport. How silly I was to think there would be no ill effects on my body and that I, of all people, could avoid injury. I’ve been to the ER 10+ times in my life. Avoiding injury just isn’t something I do.

So this means I’m now looking into things like compression socks, Trigger Point, calf sleeves, and MY BRAIN IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE. And my leg still hurts.

I have 7 miles on the calendar this weekend — meaning Sunday since I’ll be at MomCom Austin all day Saturday. Check in with me Sunday night to see if I’m still alive, mkay? And let me know if you’ve ever hit a wall during training where you just didn’t feel like you could — or wanted to — go any further.





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  1. Do you want to get together next week some time and run? Or stretch? Or just drink coffee and talk while our kids run loops around us? Maybe I can help you or at least make you laugh and maybe, just maybe, find that happy place again?

  2. You can do this Leigh Ann! When I get in a rut, a new playlist helps to motivate me. When I hurt, sometimes new shoes are in order. But listen to your body. Maybe you should rest your feet and cross train with weights or a bike for a few days.

  3. I clicked over to get a better look at that face and for this half a line ‘There will be no inspiration or life lesson from this post today (joke’s on you β€” there never is!)’ I’m glad I did even though I haven’t seriously run in years. Get the shoes.

  4. $115 on shoes is cheaper than a trip to the orthopaedic doctor…. no, REALLY. Just buy them and SAVE money on all those doctor bills that would come!!!
    I don’t know anyone who runs consistently and doesn’t have some kind of nagging injury. Last year, most of our Tough Mudder crew in NC had some sort of disability –– knees, back, hips, whatever… They come and go.
    This past Sunday I tore my calf muscle on our Sunday run and halfway through was hopping on one leg. And I have a half-marathon in March too. Then this morning after icing it for a few days and taking ibuprofen was able to do my ‘leg day’ at the gym.

    Three things: 1. Always buy the right equipment (shoes in this case). 2.DON’T GIVE UP. and 3. STRETCH!!!! (which is what I wasn’t doing lately and my calf blew out).
    Actually these three things apply to any situation, anywhere…. hmmm

    Running is tough on your body. End of story. All sorts of impact points happen when you slam your feet constantly into the ground. Just know how to listen to your body when it needs rest.
    (BTW I am SO glad the Tough Mudder you did set off your athletic side again! GO Leigh Ann, GO!!!)
    Love you!

    1. Thanks for the awesome motivation, Michelle. I do need to remember to take care of myself in recovery more. I get so wrapped up in the rest of my day, and I forget to do something simple like take painkillers or ice it.

  5. The most I’ve run is for a 10 miler, but the good news is that on the day of the race, I bet you’ll probably be able to run 3 just on sheer adrenaline. So can you make it to 10? πŸ™‚

    1. That’s the idea…my training plan only takes me to 10 miles, saying that the other 3 will come from the adrenaline, but I have a few extra weeks padded in to hopefully try to get more than 10 in before the race.

  6. Hang in there…Having a blergy day means you are a real runner because now you are emotionally connected to this crazy and wonderful sport. Also, buy the shoes. Michelle is right: way cheaper in the long run. See you Saturday!

  7. I just found your blog and I love it! I am a fellow central Texan (harker heights) and newbie runner. I will definitely be a regular reader!

    1. Thanks Gigi! Speaking of sparkle, I have my eye on one of those little running skirts. Several of the girls in our Ambassador group love them.

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