Messy hair and I don’t care

Before I had kids, and even when I was a mom of babies, I used to scoff at kids with messy hair — ponytails flattened down and drooping, barrettes all askew, tangled locks in their faces. In public of all places! I mean, did these kids’ moms not see these hair atrocities? Did they not care enough to fix their poor child’s hair and make them presentable?

Now that I have preschool aged kids of my own, I can tell you no. Their parents did not care enough to make them presentable. They cared about one thing and one thing only: keeping the peace. Because messing with a kid’s hair is like opening the Pandora’s Box of screaming, gnashing of teeth, and OMG you’re trying to kill me with the hairbrush and the elastics and the clippy things, MOM! 

So now I’m eating my words, because my kids regularly venture out of the house looking like this:

messy hair

And this….

messy hair

Even this….

messy hair

Not to mention this number….

messy hair

Yes, she was actually sitting on the floor of Barnes & Noble looking at books with this ‘do.

Full disclosure, these are all Rachel. Claire has her fair share of messy hair days too, but Rachel’s hair is in a class of its own.  Claire’s parts to the right. Zoe’s parts to the left. Rachel’s parts to the front, as in her hair fights the laws of gravity and all that makes sense and manages to catapult itself over her face at any given moment.

And honestly, I don’t really care. It’s worth it not to get screeched at for trying to stick a barrette in that mess.


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Leigh Ann Torres
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  1. I did not know this until I had a girl. And you’re right… not worth the fight. But the bows and clips are so dang cute and I bought so many of them (that she will not wear longer than 10 seconds!!)! ARGH!

    p.s. your little girl is cute, messy hair and all. :)

  2. Oh, the hair. Lil’ Bit’s hair is the bane of my existence. It’s completely unmanageable. For one thing, it’s weird – she definitely has a cowlick in the front, which causes this one strand that would be her bangs if not for the cowlick and all the curl to do its own thing completely. It’s always in her eyes. And then there’s the back – her hair parts on the far right, but then grows FORWARD from the crown. I just don’t even know what to do with that. And barrettes fall out and she rarely lets me put it in pigtails.

    When she first started developing curl in her hair, I was excited. I envisioned this thick mane of cascading ringlet-style curls past her shoulders. Instead, it just looks stringy and unkempt the longer it gets. It’s adorable cut short, though. I guess that’s her fate, like me – to always have short hair. Which isn’t a bad thing, but does require more maintenance. ::Sigh::

    • She sounds JUST like Rachel. My favorite hair stage of theirs was at age 2.5 where it was a cute bob of ringlets. Now I don’t have the heart to cut it that short, so it works better when it’s just below their shoulders. Of course just like myself, I’m terrible about taking them in for regular haircuts.

  3. It can be a very daunting task. I think your girls look adorable even when their hair is unkempt. Cheyenne’s hair does the same thing. Her hair naturally parts to her right, but still inevitably falls in her face. Although her hair is straight, and I isn’t as hard to get through there are still times that it is very tough and there are battles. Her hair is also so thin that when I put clips in her hair, they are so loose and fall out in a matter of minutes. :(

  4. Delilah’s hair is always a mess! I don’t understand the people who have kids with perfectly styled hair. How does that even happen?

  5. I had to laugh when I saw your post on FB about this. I relate in a couple ways- so I need to share.
    1) I was very, very judgy about seeing kids out in public with messy faces. That could be from food, sticky things or even snotty noses. I have since been paid back in kind.
    2) Boys are not immune to crazy hair. The issue with theirs though-is there is NOTHING you can do about wild bed head. God forbid I try to wet any of it down and just get the heck out of the house- because as you pointed out so well- it’s just not worth the battle.
    I’m guessing you too have a rotation – but I get that Rachel is your typical suspect. Chase is mine with the feathery cockatiel-do most days. Which I just have to laugh at.

    3) I really don’t care either. About the faces, snot or hair.

    • So true, Farrah. At least with their hair I can pull it up into that messy bun-like thing that you see everyone pinning for themselves, and they still look cute and chic. I, however, will never be able to perfect that look for myself.

  6. I said the same thing before kids! Then I had my daughter and I could care less if her hair is a mess! As long as she’s not on top of my car or in the street playing we’re good.

  7. Right there with you, mama!


  8. My three year old boy has shortish hair now, but I try to battle what we call “wild hair” by making hair-brushing and hair-combing the funnest things ever lol.

    • Great idea! My girls’ hair is so curly that brushing was a huge task. We actually just chopped it off yesterday and it took all of 10 seconds to brush tonight. Yeehaw!