“Come hither to my playroom” and other Valentine’s Day goodness

We made valentines this year for our classes, and by “made” I mean we bought some kits that only involved sticking stickers and following easier steps. Even 2 year old Zoe rocked it. And it was the first craft we’ve done all together in which I didn’t have intense heart palpitations from the stress of […]

I was naive. So, so naive.

You know when you’re young and fresh and 18, heading out on that big adventure called college? Leaving home for the first time, we felt like we were making the leap into adulthood. If only. I’m reliving those days a bit over at Letters for Lucas, where Tonya has graciously asked me to share something […]

Haircuts and butts: A must read

Remember when I talked about how only terrible (or all) parents let their kids go around with messy hair? Well, we rectified that with a trip to the “beauty shop” as my sweet grandmother calls it. Only I don’t think hers has princess decorated stations and all-you-can-watch screenings of Happy Feet. But why would we […]

Good runs, bad runs, and the ZOOMA Personal Best Program

So I think the last time I wrote about my ZOOMA Half Marathon training progress, I was a little discouraged, no? Well you all, including my fellow ambassadors, were all so nice and encouraging and group huggy, and it just warmed my cold, black, blergy heart. And you know what? I haven’t really had a […]

Activities not meant for introverts

I am an introvert. It’s not uncommon for us online personalities. We flourish behind our keyboards, coming out of our shells on the screen as we type witty status updates, tweets, and thoughtful blog posts. I carry on virtual conversations with the best of them, but put me in front of someone, and I can […]