Haircuts and butts: A must read

Remember when I talked about how only terrible (or all) parents let their kids go around with messy hair? Well, we rectified that with a trip to the “beauty shop” as my sweet grandmother calls it. Only I don’t think hers has princess decorated stations and all-you-can-watch screenings of Happy Feet.

But why would we talk about haircuts when we can talk about Rachel and Claire’s new favorite game, Butts?

I may look innocent. But I’m totally going to get your butt.

The rules are simple, as they should be:

1. Chase your sister around the room and tackle her.

2. Pull her pants down, exposing her rear.

3. Yell one of the approved Butts battle cries: “I see your BUTT!” or “Hee hee hee…Your BUTT!” or maybe even “JUICY BOOTY!”

4. Some smacking and/or sniffing may be involved.

5. If wearing footie pajamas, you must strip down to your undies/diaper to participate. Otherwise it’s just too much zipping, and the whole magic of the game is lost.

Imma get your butt…as soon as I finish this here sammich.

“We don’t play butts.”

“Why not?”

“Because butts are stinky. And it’s bad form to pull someone’s pants down and sniff it.”

“Why butts are stinky?”

“Because butts are dirty. It’s where your poop comes out.”

“Why it’s where our poop comes out?”

“Because…just no more Butts, okay?”

“Okay…..I’m gonna get your BUTT!”

It’s sinking in, I know it.

Didn’t get a haircut…still totally going to get your butt.

And with THAT, I bid you happy weekend. Also, I can’t wait to see the google searches that I’m going to get after this.

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  1. Totally adorable!! I love their hair!! Let’s just hope they don’t try to introduce “Butts” to the kids at school!! LOL It’s amazing what we as moms (and aunts) think are so cute that really aren’t acceptable in society outside of our little kingdoms. πŸ™‚ I still think they are precious!! πŸ™‚ Love those girls!

    1. I think it’ll be hard to stop the intrigue when I myself am always smacking/pinching/squeezing their delicious booties.

  2. Sudsy does not always suggest clean– occasionally, it indicates the reverse. Hair shampoos that lather excessive are typically overwhelmed with hydrating items, which can leave build-up in your hair, making it feel and look dirtier quicker. Decide for a sulfate-free formula.

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