“Come hither to my playroom” and other Valentine’s Day goodness

We made valentines this year for our classes, and by “made” I mean we bought some kits that only involved sticking stickers and following easier steps. Even 2 year old Zoe rocked it. And it was the first craft we’ve done all together in which I didn’t have intense heart palpitations from the stress of all the hands wanting to touch all the things all the time. I dare say we ALL enjoyed it. But I have a better story for you today, this day of love and passion.

Rachel, age 4, almost 5, has a special Valentine.

preschool valentines

At a Christmas party back in December we did a little book exchange, also known as that time my daughter called me out for regifting one of their brand new condition, hardly ever read books when she shouted, “MOMMY, WE DIDN’T WANT THAT BOOK ANYMORE?” as the giftee opened it. Thanks for the subtlety, kid.

When Rachel’s turn came up and she was handed a book that coordinated with her number, one of the moms stated that it was a “boy’s book” in case I thought she would want to trade and open one specifically for girls. I shook my head. Lover of cars, trains, dragons, and planes, this girl don’t care. She squealed with delight as the tore open the paper to reveal a Spiderman book, which I have since dutifully read about 832 times.

preschool valentines

A few days later, my friend Cheryl messaged me asking which of my girls opened the Spiderman book in the exchange. Her little boy thought it was super cool that she liked the book, and wanted to see if she could play sometime.

I instantly imagined him being so love struck that he couldn’t even eat his goldfish crackers. I could just see him pining for her day after day, staring out the rainy window while “With or Without You” played in the background…They would be the preschool generation’s Ross and Rachel, only let’s hope the whole “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” debacle had more to do with one of them sharing a little too much of their snacks with someone else and not that other thing.

preschool valentines

Monday we had a Valentine’s party with the same crew. We all exchanged valentines, and lo and behold, this sweet boy showed up with a special valentine for Rachel. He walked over, reached shyly into his pocket, and handed her a card sealed with a heart sticker, giving her his best “come hither to my playroom” eyes. We opened it up — Superman this time, because she is indeed his kryptonite — and he made a beeline back to his mom as we read it together. I pretty much died at the cuteness as I saw how diligently he tried to write her name.

preschool valentines

Whoo-ee, this boy has a thing for my girl! And, she is none the wiser.

Suddenly her future was all spelled out. Rachel would forever be the girl breaking the boys’ hearts by playing video games with them or kicking their asses as soccer. Then she’ll just give them a high five, call out a “See ya’ later, suckers!” and leave their broken hearts in her wake.Β Given she improves on her coordination skills, because man, that girl can trip over air like no other.

preschool valentines
Fellas, consider yourself schooled on how to pick up the ladies!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

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  1. How absolutely adorable!! I love it!! Cheyenne came home today from her Valentine’s party at school with her adorable bag full of valentines and treats. Mom asked her who her boyfriend was at school and with no hestitation, replied “Ryder!” It was adorable! Such a fun age!

  2. So cute and I must say not too unexpected. Soon there will be boys visiting and hanging out at your house all the time. Chris better keep up the weight training just to show his muscle. They are heart breakers, they make my heart melt. Love you and Happy Valentines Day.

    1. Thank you Kiran! Who wouldn’t want a boy to hold a jukebox over his head for her? Or in her case, it’ll probably be an iPod or whatever newfangled thing they come up with next.

  3. That is THE cutest. My second son is like this. I’m sure he passed out three or four like this today. That’s how many crushes he has on girls in his class… πŸ˜‰

  4. This reminds me of one of my favorite people, Melissa Wardy (Pigtail Pals) and what she says about toy, “toys/colors/books aren’t boys or girl, they are for everyone!” Go Zoe. Break hearts and never let anyone tell you what’s for “girls.”

    1. I love that. I saw a sign at the Disney store that said “Boys’ toys” on a display of Toy Story and Cars items. Guess what my girls’ very favorite things were at the time? Yup.

  5. This is so adorable and I can just picture the little guy because he sounds so much like my little Miles. The girl he adores, Calliope, is into many “boy” things and he think it is awesome. This is a precious memory and yep, she will be breaking some hearts!

  6. I don’t think this story can be any cuter. Or sweeter. I want someone to write about MY boys someday like you did about this little one crushing on your daughter πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, I would like to be that girl – the one that can hang with boys. But I could never pull it off.

    Those valentine’s day cars are just gorgeous. I can’t believe they were that easy.

    1. I always wanted to pull it off because I was a tomboy, but I was too shy and awkward and “OMG he’s talking to me!” Even at a young age.

  8. Cute valentines! I’ll bet it is fun to have a girl that likes cars! I buy my girls all sorts of dress-up outfits, but they only wear princess dresses. My three-year-old wore the race car driver outfit the other day and I said YEAHHHHH! but she said it was because she was playing the lion in their princess game. Oh, well.

    1. You know, when I found out I was having girls, that was my fear — that I wouldn’t know what to do with them. I love that they play cars and trains, but I also love that Zoe sets up and hosts tea parties.

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