When we were prepping for Valentine’s Day, I decided that after having to help Rachel address and sign her cards, there was no way on God’s green earth I could be a homeschooling mom. At least not to these children. We made it through all of four valentines before I stood up and declared that we needed a break because heads were about to roll.

Hats off to you, homeschoolers. You are better folks than I.

Turns out the break worked, and the next day she finished the additional four cards in a jiffy with no arguing and no Rachel-dawdling or SQUIRREL!

Her teacher assures me that she’s doing well, and that doing well means much more than writing their name. Sometimes she wants to, sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she focuses, sometimes she writes one letter, then starts doodling on the page, completely oblivious to my pleas to “Write an A! An A! An A, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AN AAAAAAAA!”

And now I’m finding bits of Rachel all over the house.

On the chalkboard.


In my notebook.

notebook preschool writing

On my grocery list.

preschool writing

Some of them had interesting facial features.

preschool writing and drawing

This one got a little hairy…

preschool writing and drawing


preschool writing and drawing

HOLY CRAP, TWIN Rs, Y’ALL! Things just got freaky in here.

preschool writing and drawing

And this little dude. Not an R per se, but he still deserves a nod for having a smile on his face with teeth-legs growing out of his mouth. Does he walk on his teeth? Chew with his legs? We may never know.

preschool writing and drawing

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    1. Seeing them start to recognize it is hilarious. They think anything with the first letter of their name actually says their name, and is therefore theirs.

  1. How cute! I think Cheyenne’s favorite letter is C because every time she sees one, shes says “C! Just like my name! My name starts with C!” I love this stage of discovery and learning. It’s so cute to see them get it and start doing things because they think it’s neat!

  2. I just love this, for a number of reasons.

    H was SLOW to write his name, and handwriting in general is still an issue around here. He could care less about penmanship (I blame his father for this, because where’s the fun if you can’t blame someone?). For a long time, he only wrote the H, as well, and I, too, would think, “a is next…a, a, a… just write it and I’ll help you with the rest!” His H’s were all giant, exaggerated letters, written everywhere. I love seeing that Rachel is doing this, too. She WILL write her name, I promise, and as she has an artistic, talented mother, I’m betting she’ll continue making her R’s unique and beautiful.

    I also love this post, because oh my gosh, homeschooling is not for me. I’d put the over-under at 4 days before you’d see my picture on the evening news. I admire those who manage it, but I know it’s not happening at my house!

    1. Ha! That last paragraph cracked me up. I have a feeling CPS would come a-calling, especially if I left the windows open, exposing the neighborhood to all the yelling.

  3. My son was all about completion and he actually did his entire name starting at age 3, but he to this day loves to turn letters into pictures of something else (i.e. the letter “v” in volcano will erupt with lava).

    My daughter on the other hand who is now 3 finally recognizes the first letter of her name (she knows about 3 letters with accuracy), has just started being able to verbally spell her name, but has no wish to actually attempt the writing of any letter, even the one she knows best.

    I love Rachel’s r’s. It’s so fun to see creativity in action.

    1. Zoe’s not there yet either. The big girls knew all their letters shortly after 2 because I made them watch the Letter Factory all the time while i nursed/rocked baby Zoe. I haven’t worked as much with her, so she’s clueless.

  4. such a great post. Rachel’s Rs are awesome. I’m sure the rest of her name will be too when she is ready. My girls think you spell both of their names “B-R-O-D-Y,” which, you obviously don’t.

    1. Ha! That’s funny. I know she CAN write her name. She’d just prefer to dilly dally around. Who wouldn’t?

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