Getting back into Old School Blogging

{My post keeps reformatting itself to look all wonky. I’m trying to iron it out. I promise I know what I’m doing.}

I’m joining in on a little Old School Blogging with Miss Elaine-ous Life and Theta Mom. You know, the days when blogging was about answering silly questions about yourself and not caring about how many people commented or read your post? If you’d like to join in, do it! This was a lot of fun.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

Newlywed. Apartment living. Bank working. Life impatient. Not ready to have kids. I was still struggling with my desire to work in the arts, but working full time at a credit union. We had no money. Like NO MONEY. But we had each other. Commence gagging.

2. What 5 Things are on your To Do List?

Today’s to-do list? Finish folding the kids’ laundry (unlikely). Clean my bathroom (HIGHLY unlikely). Drink my afternoon coffee (PRIORITY). Keep my cool while the kids resist bedtime since they took a nap today (will need reinforcements, and possibly melatonin). Finally sweep up that popcorn that someone spilled like an hour ago (5 minutes before husband comes home). Bonus to-do: shower (just in time for tomorrow morning’s run).


How about a long term to do list? Blog redesign (saving). Run the Capitol 10k (gonna rock it. Need to sign up first). Finally select our family photos we had taken in November (yes, November). Redo our crusty, 80s fireplace (what takes most people a weekend will likely take us 2 months). Survive sending my oldest two off to kindergarten and my youngest to preschool (sob/celebrate/sob/celebrate).

Bonus to-do: SHOWER.

3. What 5 snacks do you enjoy?

Pirate Booty. Yogurt. Apple slices. Protein bar. Does coffee count?

So incredibly boring I KNOW, but I have seriously revamped my thinking on snacking in the past several months. We don’t keep chips or crackers in the house anymore, so if I really need a snack, I have no choice but to reach for something semi healthy. It works! Commence eye rolling.

(But if we’re not telling anyone, then I enjoy yogurt covered pretzels, trail mix with peanuts and M&Ms, and these AMAZING CrispBread chips. I could eat the entire $4 bag in one sitting.)

crispbread chips

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire

Travel. Property investment. Buy some kick ass, really expensive knee high boots. Not necessarily in that order.

5. Name some places you have lived

Let’s see, there’s Dallas, and Austin, and….yup, that’s about it. So let’s get more specific.From age 0 – age 17, I resided in the smallest room in my parent’s Dallas house, with a bathroom connecting to my sister’s larger room. She had a walk in closet and two windows, so naturally, I hated her. But when she moved out my senior year of high school, I moved in and started living the high life. Actually, it wasn’t that different. More windows means more sunlight that prevents teenagers from sleeping until 1pm.

After high school, I headed straight to the University of Texas at Austin, where I lived in the largest dorm in the universe: Jester Center. Rumor had it that it was designed by an architect who specialized in prison design, but alas, that is an urban myth. Bummer! East side forevah, you west side suckas (also, if you didn’t live there, you totally won’t get that. We had some east/west wing wars back in the day).

austin texas mural

I shed my dorm days my junior year and moved in with some girlfriends in West Campus. We lucked out with a unit that had newer appliances and carpet, but don’t be too jealous. We still got to hear rats running through the walls, and there was that one time that a rat died IN the wall IN our windowless bathroom IN THE DEAD OF A TEXAS SUMMER. I can still smell it.

That was also the year I met my to-be husband. My friends and I parted ways, and he and I moved in together my senior year, having to venture a little farther north to be affordable. And my life in North Austin was born. The rest isn’t so interesting, with a trail of apartments and finally our current house that is jam packed with two adults, three kids, a dog, a cat, and ALL THE THINGS.

So now you just spent precious minutes of your life learning about my residence history. You’re welcome and/or I’m sorry.

6. Name some bad habits you have

I almost never replace the toilet paper roll. My husband replaced all of the holders with hooks, so all I have to do is slide off the empty and slide on the new, and I still don’t do it. It’s just so much work.

I’m also insanely forgetful. My kids are going to have to have their sh*t together, because if very much is dependent on me, then they are doomed.

7. Name some jobs you have had

Much like the places I have lived, I’ve only had two real jobs. In high school I started working at Oshman’s Sporting Goods in Dallas. In college I transferred to the Austin location, where I met my now husband and suffered many a low wage related heartache. Retail is not for the faint of heart. In short, it sucks big donkey balls. Oshman’s is now Sports Authority, and the location where we used to work is now a WalMart, but that’s another story for another day.

When the store changed hands and too much was changing, I realized I was putting too much of my life and emotion into that crappy job. I had just graduated with my degree in studio art, so what better to do than go get my first real job in a financial institution? I do what makes sense. I worked at the credit union for six years before quitting to stay home with my preemie twins. Confession time: I knew from the moment I saw two heartbeats that I was going to quit, but I didn’t tell anyone until two weeks before my FMLA ran out. You would have done the same.

Now I’m a mom, blogger, freelance writer, and professional butt wiper. My art supplies are in the attic and my degree hangs its head in shame in the corner of my bedroom.


Okay, y’all. This visit back to Old School Blogging was so. much. fun. Definitely check out the other bloggers who linked up and join in yourself!

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  1. You are SO funny! And yeah, I did not tell my boss I was quitting until a few weeks before my 2nd son was birthed. Such is life.

    And I’ve heard stories of Jester Dorm. It seems we kinda traded places where we lived (city wise), how nutso is that? ha!

    And I remember Oshman’s, I’m sure we bought a lot of my three older brothers’ sports paraphernalia there! 😉

  2. So funny. I need to get better about snacks. I’m pretty good about not eating the crap, but the problem is that I don’t eat anything else either. I get hungry, don’t feel like apple slices, etc. so don’t bother. Then by dinner I’m ready to bite someone’s head off. Must fix that.

    1. That’s me with water. If I don’t have a water bottle, I likely won’t drink any, and it’ll be 4 p.m and all I’ve had is coffee.

  3. What?? You hated me? LOL That room was nice, but now, I’m forever on the lookout for blackout curtains/blinds that actually work so Cheyenne doesn’t wake up with the sun. 🙁 But I do love that I can open the blinds during the day and there is so much light in there!! And love being in your old room because it is so dark in the mornings, but opening that one little window doesn’t give much light during the day. 🙁

    1. You know, Jackie, I’m kinda over it. I think about little projects now and then, but it turned out that it just wasn’t what I wanted to do as a career. Glad I rediscovered my love for writing. 🙂

  4. I agree my kids are going to have their stuff together also. I hear you on the shower thing being a priority that is hard to get to some days.

  5. You seriously won’t change the toilet paper roll? Are you like my husband, and will use up the last of one and start the next, but not put the new one on the holder? That drives me INSANE. We would not make a good married couple. Except wait….that IS my marriage so it probably would work out.

    You bring the Pirate Booty, I’ll change the toilet paper. 🙂

    1. Yup. I don’t know why. I just …don’t. Having the hook type holders has helped, but I’m just that lazy I guess.

  6. Your coffee looks wimpy, mwah ha ha ha. You need to come on over here where the coffee can put some hair on your chest!

    (grin) teasing. Sometimes I like it creamy, sometimes black, but always strong and ALWAYS priority.

    1. Oh, Jennie, I would LOVE to join you for coffee some day. I have to have my half and half, but I like it strong. We drink a yummy organic coffee called Ruta Maya that’s harvested in Mexico and roasted here in Austin.

  7. Ahem.

    Four-year resident of Jester WEST here, and my floor was higher than any on YOUR side!

    I also met my husband in Jester West. We started dating a little over 25 years ago, and we got engaged 23 years ago, at the East Mall fountain.

    I’m living way out northeast of Pflugerville now, but I had 3 addresses in north and northwest Austin before then.

  8. Oops I included wine as a snack. Whatever, it’s what I like at night when I might snack. I never get the roll all the way on I just like set it on top. I am just so sick of being in the bathroom all the time with the kids I think I feel like the extra 3 seconds might make me lose my mind!

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