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It’s Friday, almost 1 p.m. This time Saturday I’ll be a certified half marathon finisher. I hope.

I’m going through my usual pre-event ritual involving anxiety, crabbiness, and apparent apathy towards all things race related. I think I need to pack a bag since I’m spending the night. I should probably coordinate with my fellow ambassador Missy what time we’re heading out. I need to make sure my playlist is devoid of all songs that make me want to stab someone.

This is what I do before big events like this. Yes, this is only my second, but I had the exact same attitude before Tough Mudder — I just wanted it to be over. I told myself I didn’t really want to do it, and I just wanted to fast forward through the day so I wouldn’t have to make a fool of myself when I couldn’t complete the course without crying. In the end, I did cry a little bit — you would too if you got electrocuted — but my final memories of the event are that it was a blast. I hope the same goes for Saturday.

Right now I’m hydrating with more than just coffee, making sure I eat well, and trying to up my carbs just a smidge. I really don’t eat a lot of bread related carbs, so this is a conscious effort. Other than that, I have no clue if I am preparing in the correct fashion for race day. While I’ve followed a training plan, I’m kind of a winger, telling myself It’ll be fine. Self, don’t let me down now.

See you on the flip side….


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    1. Carmen, it was a great experience, and getting to know you and Lisa made it even better! I hope to get my wrap up piece done this week.

    1. Jennifer, it was great! All of my anxieties washed away during the race. I ran at a pace that was a little slower than my training pace, but on the bright side, I felt fantastic until my hip started hurting around mile 9 and those last 3 miles winding around a golf course were terrible. But I loved it!

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