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I didn’t have a very good parenting day today. Too much yelling. This happens when I get really tired, and well, I’m really tired. It seems like it will never end with the night waking and games of musical beds we play around here.

Zoe from her bed to my bed.

Me from my bed to Claire’s bed, then to Rachel’s bed, then hopefully back to my bed at some point.

Christian from our bed to….wait he never leaves.

(He does get woken up and usually deals with our asshole cats, but the musical beds mostly falls on me.)

So blah blah blah, I’m tired. Let’s think of happy things now.

My big girls turned 5 last week. FIVE. Now, all of the sudden they’re big kids? Having conversations and such? Starting kindergarten in the fall? GAH.

We went to the Zilker Botanical Gardens to view the Faerie House Trail last week. Now I don’t readily take all 3 of them very many places, but I was feeling brave, plus I had talked it up quite a bit, and they were excited. Excitement to do something usually equals behavior. This fit right in with a recent fairy obsession for Claire and Zoe, and an inexplicable bat costume obsession for Rachel. This girl. She makes me smile.

no sew bat wings

I thought the fairy houses, although small, would be relatively easy to see from the main entrance to the gardens, but we walked practically the entire park before I decided to head back to the gift shop and ask for directions. Despite starting off gung ho about fairy house hunting, by that time everyone was feeling defeated and pouty. It didn’t help that the gift shop attendant drew us to the complete wrong location on the map, but a lady in a golf cart happened by and used her powers of elimination and fairy costume knowledge to see we were lost and pointed us in the right direction as my girls desperately tried to take over her vehicle like some sort of alien preschooler invasion. Long story short, we found the fairy houses mere seconds before everyone, myself included, started to lose their shit. Then all was merry and bright until I realized I had lost my purse. True story. Luckily fairies are very trustworthy. Little old ladies in the gift shop, not so much.

zilker botanical gardens fairy trail

zilker botanical gardens fairy trail

zilker botanical gardens fairy trail

Fun at the Renaissance Festival: How many kids CAN you fit on a BOB stroller?

Clearly this is the end of the day. They all look high.


What have you been up to?

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  1. I have been spending some quality time with my dissertation and trying not to yell at my kids so much too. Good on you for getting out and about with all three without losing it. Our almost 5 year old just saw that bat costume and totally wants it. Did you make it?

    1. She is, right? I think you two would be fast friends. She’ll break you of your “I don’t like hugs” thing real quick because she’s the best snuggler ever.

  2. Yeah, tired Mommy equals yelling Mommy here all too often.

    And that bit about yelling and being tired reminded me of a text message exchange with my sister, where she apologized for being an hour later with an e-mail than she’d said she would be that afternoon. The reasons given were, dinner, screaming and homework. I replied that dinner, screaming and homework were familiar….

    1. Ha! And so much walking WITH so many children…so many tantrums. I was proud of myself for going, but I needed a drink by the end. And yes, my purse was safe and sound at the second fairy house. So glad we didn’t have to walk back through the entire trail.

  3. Happy bday to the big girls! 5 is BIG! My baby just turned 6 and I am still processing it.

    Also, I wasn’t aware of the Faerie Houses. Now I know where said 6 yr old needs to go.

  4. FIVE year olds?
    I’m glad you found the fairy house but boo for purse-losing (you found it, I gather?).
    I can’t take my boys out on my own yet – I only ever have them together, just me when I do preschool pickup, that’s it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to take them out out. You brave soul.

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