The REAL Cake Boss

The next time I call myself a crappy mom, please shove these photos in my face to remind me that I, at two very last minute requests, hand decorated two store bought cookie cakes with Rainbow Dash and Hello Kitty.

hello kitty rainbow dash cake decoration my little pony

I’m not gonna lie. I admired those cakes all morning before the party.

Normally, even given ample warning time, I’d be all Sorry, kids the cake store was all out of Rainbow Dash and Hello Kitty cakes. I mean, I had every intention of writing their name or something lame like that. Maybe putting a big “5” on there somewhere. But actually drawing something left room for failure that writing their names didn’t, and I get stage fright when asked to create something that will be seen by actual people.

Then I was all, Seriously Leigh Ann. RD and HK are like the easiest of the easy characters to draw. At least they didn’t ask for something from Skylander or some shit like that, right?

I could do this.

So I set off whipping up some butter cream frosting. That’s right, I go hard core homemade. Like so hardcore that I stop everything and run to the store when I find I’m half a cup short on powdered sugar instead of asking any of my neighbors. Silver lining, I now have a shitton of powdered sugar for the next time I decide to hand draw cartoon characters out of sugar and butter.

Then there was coloring the frosting. Nothing like a little artificial dye, amirite?

frosting colors

All in all, big success. If you’re curious, My resources I used were printed images that I cut out and traced and a severely underused art degree.

Also, I have to tell you, if you have a YMCA in your area that does birthday parties, jump on that bandwagon. This was definitely one of the best parties we’ve ever been to, and definitely the best one we’ve thrown.  I’m pretty birthday party deficient. I hate planning them, and here I didn’t have to do anything but bring the cakes. NOTHING. Well, I had to book the party, and that even almost didn’t get done, but after it was booked? NOTHING BUT CAKES, Y’ALL.High five, YMCA.

We opted for the gymnastics party, which was a total win. The party hosts were amazing and made sure that we could relax and enjoy our kids’ party. Plus they cut the cakes around my super amazing decorations.

I’ll be patting myself on the back for months for this one. Until next year comes and I have to think of something else. Oh, the pressure!



Sorry for the blurry pics. These kids was in motion!

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  1. I’ll see your cake boss and raise you …

    No, just kidding, your cakes are GORGEOUS. I’m doing one tomorrow for my daughter and trying to figure out how that sugar paste (?) works – the brightly colored frosting you roll out? Not sure what it’s called in English. Today I made cupcakes for her school and tried to get them to look like little nests like I saw in Martha Stewart. Chocolate frosting with toasted coconut, and then two pastel almonds that I used as eggs. I’ll post pictures. But I’m not ready to take on the cake boss yet I think. 😉

    1. In English it’s called fondant I think, and I’ve never worked with it. I can color and draw, but I’m not sure I could BUILD something for a cake. I definitely want to see a picture of the nests!

  2. You decorated those YOURSELF?? I had no idea. I thought that you had those commissioned. As my European colleagues say, “BIG UPS!” I have no idea why they say that instead of kudos, but it seems to fit.
    Great job!

  3. YOU? Are a cookie cake decorating ROCK START!!! Could you do K’s for me in October. Pretty sure she’s going to want to go with HK. She’s getting obsessed as we speak!

    And I love parties at places like that, SO easy!

  4. I am going to second you on the YMCA parties. We did that for my son this year, and it was the best decision ever. PS: Love those cakes!

  5. Those are some pretty awesome designs on those cakes. I would have never been able to pull that off. We have a gymnastics place here that does parties like that. We’ve never had one there, but we’ve been to one. It was pretty awesome.

  6. You rocked those cakes!! Of course, I wasn’t shocked because I know what a great artist you are, and I thought it was so awesome you did that for Rachel & Claire!! You better watch out, you will be commissioned to decorate everyone’s cake from now on!! Great job and the party was so great!! Cheyenne had such a great time!! 🙂

  7. You know, I have never, ever borrowed sugar (or anything else) from a neighbour. It wouldn’t even occur to me.

    Anyway… I’m totally impressed by your decorating. My husband is great at stuff like this but I wouldn’t even attempt it.

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