Adding to the list of Things I Can’t Believe Are Happening Stop Growing Kids WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!….This. In true Christian fashion (my husband, not the religion)(I mean, we believe and stuff, that’s just not what I’m referring to this time)(Okay, I’ll stop now), my dear husband surprised Zoe with a new-ish bed Sunday night by taking the […]

Grad season! Hooray! Also Waaaahhhh!

So this happened. I feel like for the past several weeks I’ve been so focused on the fact that preschool will soon be out and the kids will be home with me all day every day, that I’ve completely glossed over the fact that Tuesday was their last day of preschool. EVER. And after this […]

Say Bye Bye to Google Reader

If you’re an avid blog follower, you likely subscribe to your favorite sites so you can keep up with their content. Some people get new posts in their email, while others prefer to use some sort of reader, a place where ALL of their subscriptions can be found in one place and filed into various […]

Old School Blogging: the Pop Culture Edition

Time again for Old School Blogging! Come hang out with us at The Miss Elaine-ous Life. Side note:  I recently got to meet Elaine when she passed through Austin. Her parents live like 10 minutes away from me. No joke! She’s so fun and has the most lovely Louisiana accent.) What was one of your […]