Old School Blogging: the Pop Culture Edition

Time again for Old School Blogging! Come hang out with us at The Miss Elaine-ous Life. Side note:  I recently got to meet Elaine when she passed through Austin. Her parents live like 10 minutes away from me. No joke! She’s so fun and has the most lovely Louisiana accent.)

What was one of your favorite shows as a kid?  Why?

As a family we watched the Golden Girls. For me it was You Can’t Do That on Television. Double Dare. Mickey Mouse Club. Never ending reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Growing Pains. I really loved He-man and Hulk Hogan. But I think my all time favorite was Family Ties. I had a mad crush on Michael J. Fox, and even printed out a God awful computer generated dot matrix greeting card (do you remember that program? Floppy disc, yo!) to prove my love.

Apparently I watched a lot of TV. ‘Twas the 80s.


Which actress(es) do you see on the red carpet and kinda wish you could be for a day (or three)?

I have a hard time with these questions because NOW, I don’t watch TV. For reals!

Okay, fine. It’s Tina Fey. All the way.


Which actor do you wish you could, um… hang out with?

I’ll take some Daniel Craig, with a little Kevin McKidd on the side please. And I have this strange, yet enduring crush on the hilarious and quirky Simon Pegg. So apparently accents are kinda my thing? (And if you only know Kevin McKidd from Grey’s Anatomy, he sports a lovely Scottish accent.)

actors with accents

If we’re going American, I’ll have the Jeremy Renner please. But only if he promises to stop making movies like Hansel & Gretel.

Jeremy renner

Don’t look at me like that, Jeremy. You know it’s the truth.


What is one (or two or some) of your favorite movies that you have seen in the last few years?

I have not seen enough movies worth writing home about. We just recently reinstated the DVD part of our Netflix subscription since the online streaming pretty much sucked for the over 5 set. My God I sound lame not knowing whether or not I’ve seen any good movies lately.

True Grit, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, Hunger Games…you know. The usual suspects.

I did get to watch some really great documentaries (I’m a sucker for a good documentary!) when we only had online streaming. If I had laundry to fold, I watched me a documentary. My favorites were Being Elmo (you will fall in love with Kevin Clash), Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices (will definitely make you think twice about shopping at that sh*thole), and Bill Cunningham: New York (about the fashion street photographer who is like in his 80s and completely adorable. I wanted to adopt him.)


Who is one celebrity out there now that you could totally do without? That you wish would just disappear?

Starts with a Kar, ends with a Dashian. And any and all of the Teen Moms.


Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who? What did you say/do when you met them?

Kind of? I rang up Ross Perot when I worked at a sporting goods store in Dallas in high school. I met Rhett Miller of the Old 97s at ACL Fest one year. I think I saw Matthew McConaughey at  UT football game. It was a long way to see from the lowly student seats up to the fancy sky boxes.

Last but not least, I was lucky enough to be in the 2012 Listen to Your Mother Austin cast with Catherine Morris, an amazingly talented writer who you may remember as Julie from Dazed and Confused.

julie dazed and confused

She’s so stinking adorable and sweet. I could just eat her up. But I won’t. You should totally watch her LTYM reading. Grab a tissue.


Which shows do you look forward to watching every week?

I only watch TWO shows right now! Told you I don’t watch TV. I watch Grey’s Anatomy when I can, and right now we’re getting into season 6 of Mad Men. And I am DYING for season 4 of Downton Abbey.

We watch everything online because after we cancelled our cable my husband never even hooked up our TVs to antenna. I haven’t watched live TV in almost 2 years. Possibly related: I waste a lot of time on the internet.


Now…I want to know which celebrity YOU want to “hang out with.”

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  1. I watched a TON of t.v. in the ’80’s too. It was on at my house pretty much non stop.

    And yes, you must like accents a lot!

    And I do NOT have a Louisiana one, I’ve only been here for 4 years, it just can’t be!!! 😉

    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Good to know men from the United Kingdom are your thing. I could dye my hair, but can’t do much about the skin tone.

  3. Every one of these posts make me think of another show (or twelve) that I loved growing up!! And bonus points to you for all of the man candy. 😉

  4. Your husband’s comment cracked me up!

    I haven’t watched a movie in ages. The last one I watched was Toy Story 3. Well, parts of it.

  5. Hm. I don’t watch much tv anymore- and movies? Those things are still around??? As for celeb I’d like to hang out with- possibly Madonna. Because she’s crazy- probably show me an incredibly fun time- and she’s just a titch older than I am.

  6. Funny – I started my morning catching up on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy and last night’s Mad Men 🙂 And I totally should have said Tina Fey – she’s a perfect choice! I can’t stand the Teen Moms either. I try my best to ignore them – it would help if they weren’t everywhere.

    1. You know, it was a hard habit to break, I admit. I stopped watching during the day when my babies got old enough that they were actually paying attention to it (don’t get me wrong though, THEY watch shows and movies now), and then we just relished in the quiet after they went to bed. We fell so behind on our DVR that it was silly to keep the cable.

  7. OMGosh, I forgot about You Can’t Do That on Television! I obsessively LOVED that show. Family Ties is another great one. Totally with you on those utterly useless Dashians. Ugh

    1. I had a love/hate relationship with You Can’t Do That on Television. I hated the slime!

  8. I knew Kevin McKidd was Scottish and sports a Scottish accent, but I never realized until recently that he was in Trainspotting way back in the day with Ewan McGregor and (my love) Robert Carlyle. You can barely understand him in that movie!

    1. I know! Isn’t that funny? I saw him in the HBO series Rome, THEN realized he was in Trainspotting. I was ecstatic when he joined Grey’s.

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