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How was your weekend? Mine was gloriously, exhaustingly boring, featuring yard work, pretend camping, a farmer’s market, and kids freezing their ass off in the inflatable pool.

Anywho, some stuff.


Listen to Your Mother is coming up fast, Thursday, May 9, and I have been meaning and meaning to post about it. All 24 shows around the country are in full swing, and hopefully you can find one near you. It’s an amazing experience, and I’m really looking forward to experiencing it as an audience member with one of my best girlfriends and many of my bloggy/writer friends. Plus LTYM creator Ann Imig from Ann’s Rants will be there! I’m going to try really hard not to go all fan girl all over her.

Tickets are $16 and well worth every penny.


Some links:

Jedi Max — Another Austin blogger, Alison of House of Hepworths, posted a few days ago about a dear friend’s little boy who is suffering from brain cancer. His dream is to travel to Paris, France, but unfortunately he’s too weak to travel. The brain tumors are spreading at an alarming rate. His mother is hoping that people from all over the world will send Max postcards with lighthearted messages from their hometowns or travels. If you have time to grab a postcard and stick in in the mail, please do so. The address information is in Alison’s post here.

How to Put Twins into a Moby Wrap — This hilarious video brought back some memories of tiny babies. I never tried to carry mine in a wrap together, because, well, awkward.

Why the Blogger Scared of Raising Twins has it Wrong —┬áRemember that post from a few weeks ago by the guy who was pissed that he and his wife were expecting twins? I know he was just scared. But this guy hopefully gives him a little reassurance, and also tells him to man up, son!

My friends and I are in a contest to get Scary Mommy Jill Smokler here to Austin for her book tour for Motherhood Comes Naturally (and other vicious lies). Will you vote for our photo? Pretty please? We need to at least do better than the kid on the toilet, for Pete’s sake.


And with that, my three year old just took off her poopy diaper. Have a good Monday!

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  1. I wish I lived close to a LTYM. If I were more ambitious I’d organize it myself. Never mind. Your going to rock it.

    1. Ew, I am NOT an organizer. I bet you’ll have one near you in the next couple of years. I was in the show last year, so this year I’m looking forward to enjoying it as an audience member.

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