Over it/Loving it

Over it:

Having a litter box. In my bathroom. For years (YEARS!) my two cats were house broken and dutifully went outside to do their business. But then this past winter — not even a really cold one — they started using our bathmats as their personal toilet. So we removed the bathmats. But then when we showered, we put down towels so no one would break a neck. And they started peeing on the towels.

Now we’re back to the land of litter, and it sucks MUCHAS PELOTAS GRANDES.  Litter on the floor, sticking to my feet, and tracking into the bedroom. One of them often joins me in business doing, meaning that even when my kids aren’t around, I can’t pee in peace. Not to mention our crotchety old male cat has had some, um, tummy troubles, and my GOD his ass stinks.

The only upside is that I don’t clean the litter box. Not so much of an upside for Christian though.

Kids waking me up in the middle of the night. End of story.

Housework. It’s overrated, no?

My hair. Oh my hair! Remember when it used to be curly? I blamed my loss of curls on an overprocessed highlight job almost 2 years ago, and that’s why I chopped all my hair off a year ago. But my hair gurl says that hair continues to change up to two years after your last kid. Zoe was coincidentally two when we were talking about this. Now my bob has grown out and guess what? No curls. It’s rather gross looking.

Counting to 3. Let me clarify. I can count to 3 all day long. I don’t really mind. What I hate is counting to 3 to get my kids to do something. It works. It does. As a short term solution. The problem is that they are deaf to my regular requests and hear nothing until I start counting. How hard is it to just do something the first time I ask???

Carpet. Look y’all. The carpet in our house is not new. We’ve lived here 7 years, and judging by how much crap has happened to it since we moved in (think pets, vomit, pee, miscellaneous mystery liquids), thinking of what all is in that carpet from the previous owners makes me want to rip it up and live with the cold, hard concrete floors until we can put in hardwoods. Although concrete floors would make us the hippest people in this neighborhood.


Loving it:

Spotify, except the Maroon 5 radio station that I swear someone put on there as a cruel joke, and now I can’t delete it. So don’t judge me by my Spitofy stations. They are like 99% cool and just that 1% douchebag. But I AM gaga over Lana del Rey, Band of Horses, and Jim James right now.

Reading. After a few weeks of nasty deadlines and wasting time and such, I finally got my act together and dove back into reading. I had to say I quit on a book and start another, but I’m happy to be reading again. I just finished The Kitchen House and started The Bloggess’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

This weather. Yeah, I’m going to talk about the weather, and you’re going to listen. It’s effing amazing here. Usually by May we Texans are already in full summer heat complaint mode, but we’ve had a cooler spring than usual, so our days for now are filled with nice breezes and maybe 1/2 the usual amount of mosquitoes on steroids.

Rachel’s love for bagels. It deserves its own sonnet it’s so strong, this love for circular baked carbs and hearty cream cheese. Most kids want to go to the candy store? Rachel asks to go to the bagel store.

Claire’s boyfriend. Claire and a little boy in her class have become, ahem, friends. She gets all giddy when she talks about him, lowering her eyelids and giggling, and saying, “He reeeeeally likes me.” His mom says that he loves to make Claire laugh. Look out, Christian.

Birds. I’m starting a slow obsession with anything bird. It started with this piece I bought, and now anything birds I must have. Like I want people to come into my house and say “Holy sh*t this lady has a thing for birds.”

Not so much the ones that blare outside my bedroom window at 6:45 in the morning. Those can die.

bird picture
I totally wanted this $12 picture, but I didn’t buy it because surely *I* can slap a picture of a bird on a piece of glass and call it a day, right? Check on me in a month and see if I’ve done it yet.


What are you totally over or loving? Or maybe even OVERLOVING?


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  1. First of all, you and I need to have a Ouidad session. Come over and I’ll fix up your curls.

    Over it: not getting enough sleep and it’s my own fault. Also over it: traveling for work. Ugh!

    Loving it: I love this age T is now. He says to me every day “I love you so much, Mama!”

    1. I know! I’m ordering some soon. I already alerted Christian to the expense. 😉

  2. Over It: We had a porta potty in our front yard and mud in the house for several weeks while plumbers broke through the slab of our house in two places to find two leaks in the pipes. Then they had to dig a 12 foot tunnel under the side of our house to reach 2 more leaks. We were just about to replace all the wood floors, since they were damaged by the water and the jackhammers, when our refrigerator started leaking.

    Loving It: I stay home with my youngest on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The only thing is, I am much more interested in a nap than she is. I figured out that after lunch, if I put on a TV show and snuggle with her in the big oversized chair under a blanket, I can get a warm, snuggly nap while she watches TV. It’s super sweet.

    1. Carol, that sounds awful! I fear I would not survive a major home improvement project.

      I LOVE it when I can sneak in a nap while the kids watch a show. If they don’t decide to come crawl on me and insist on laying with me. Sometimes I sneak into their room. 🙂

  3. I do, in fact, have to change two litter boxes every week. I do not enjoy it a single, solitary bit. I do however, love the cats most of the time, so I do it.

    We have zero carpet and it’s the best thing ever.

    The weather HAS been amazing! It finally warmed up to where I’m pretty sure there will be no more snow. My brother and SIL bought meat chickens and they all died because it snowed in freakin MAY.

    My kindergartner totally has a little boyfriend. He’s a cutie, and I love his mom, so I’m okay with it.

    We count to five around here, and yeah…it’s the ONLY thing that gets the 3yo’s attention. SIGH.

    1. You guys are just now warming up, and right after I wrote this post we have moved into full fledged summer pretty much. Gah. It’s hot.

  4. Love it! I just wrote a 10 things that are pissing me off this week post too and plan on countering it with 10 things I’m loving.

    As for yours lists? Cats and carpets? BLECH!!!

    I’ve never liked birds all that much, but they are growing on me lately too. I just bought some cereal bowls at Pier 1 with the cutest little pastel birds. I LOVE them.

    1. Yes, cats that vomit all the time and carpet. Ugh. I’m off to read your list!

  5. I am so over waking up at 6.00 am (ya hear that, baby??).

    I am loving my KitchenAid. And my new site design for Little Love Media.

    I also love this post format – can I steal it?

    1. I would be totally over that wake up time too. I don’t know how I did it in the days when I couldn’t send them in their room to play quietly so I could snooze some more.

      KitchenAids rock!

  6. I am so OVER getting up at night. Yes, my baby is 7 months old so it’s not going to stop anytime soon. But this week – OVER it.

    LOVING your thing for birds. Me too! We’ll have to exchange collection photos eventually.

    1. I wish I could say it gets better, but…yeah. The twins were excellent sleepers until about a year ago. Zoe has almost always woken up sometime during the night but usually just needs to be covered up. But I’m exhausted.

  7. They only time I EVER dealt with kitty litter was when I used to “cat sit” for our neighbors years ago and, EW.

    And yes, the weather has even been super awesome here. Until today. Hot and humid. Ugh, here it comes!!

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