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This has been a busy couple of weeks for me. I had a couple of deadlines, a meeting with my writer’s group, the end of school, a mini vacation with the fam, and oh yes the general taking care of the children and the home and the showering and such. I tell you, that shower is usually the first thing to get bumped, you know? Also this was my first full “summer” week. School’s out, and we’re looking forward to staying busy with stuff. What kind of stuff I have no idea. Preferably stuff that doesn’t burn a shitton of gas and cost a shitton of money. Also, when there are no school days, I kinda forget which days I’m supposed to bathe my kids. It happens.

Anyway, some stuff:

MomCom Austin is coming up quick! Like wasn’t I just there in January? If you’ve never been to MomCom, it’s a fun day full of speakers and networking with other moms just like you (uh…if you’re a mom) — working moms, work at home moms, stay at home moms, entepreneurs…they’re all there. I’ve been three times, since the conference’s inception, and I get a little something awesome out of each one and have met some wonderful people in the process.

The next event will be June 29, 2013, at The Oaks Event Center here in Austin. Tickets are $109 for a full day of fun engagement, including light breakfast, lunch, speakers, workshops, exhibitions, and a reception featuring local food and cocktails. Go here to register.*


Some links:

On the allParenting front, I had some stuff published! Also remember when I told you that all my articles weren’t going to be about twins? Huh. Me too.

If you haven’t seen this post from Jen Hatmaker floating around Facebook, then you are living under a rock. Or maybe you just don’t run in blogging circles like me. But she wrote the most hilarious post about how at the end of the school year, moms. are. done. And I have to say, when someone as fabulous as Jen says something like “Children should not be allowed to learn to read until they are already good at it,” it makes me feel a LOT better about sucking at this once in a while. Read The Worst End of School Mom Ever.

A local grad student made this amazing time lapse video of Austin locations at night. It’s kinda beautifully creepy. (Thanks Corrin from Oh Hey, What’s up?)

My friend Kristin from Two Cannoli shared one of her Listen to Your Mother castmate’s piece on her blog. Second Place Muffins is a wonderful read about the memories we hold dear.

Probably my favorite blogger in the world (as in she has no idea I exist) Amalah delivers huge LOLs in My Writing Process. Let Me Show You It. We bloggers are quite deficient in the attention area.

Happy weekend!


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  1. I like how your girl decided to coordinate her lips with her shirt. AWESOME. 😉

    And that post about the end of the school year-ing is SO spot on and timely. She’s got it going on for sure in that one! Truth and hilarity always go well together.

    Happy Weekend!!

    1. I know i’ll be feeling that end of year stuff next year. i’ll remember this post and feel so much better. 🙂

  2. That Amalah post is hilarious and oddly comforting to see someone else’s thought process. My parents just moved near Austin. I may need to pick your brain for ideas next time I visit! 😉

    1. Right? I’m so glad i’m not the only one who’s all SQUIRREL!

      Hit me up any time you need ideas for things to do around here. There is TON of fun stuff.

    1. Totally check it out. It’s more stream of consciousness day in the life blogging, but I love it. She can make anything funny.

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