Austin products you need

    I am a huge proponent of buying local, which works out well because Austin fully embodies the concept of supporting local businesses. I recently got to hear Amy Simmons from Amy’s Ice Creams speak at a conference, and she said it best: that Austin really embraces entrepreneurship and creativity. Most people here would […]

You better check yo’self. Your skin, I mean.

It’s time for your friendly neighborhood PSA about skin checks! Don’t’ click away. It’ll be fun. Also, you might not want to be eating right now. I had to go see the dermatologist the other day to get a mole checked out.  Don’t go “ew” or anything, it wasn’t that gross. I hate to spoil […]

5 year old philosophy and some stuff

On good advice: Christian: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Claire: A monkey swings from a tree. Christian: Damn you’re good.   On the original philosophical masters: Have you ever heard of Socrates or Plato? Yeah. Those are ostriches.   On animals: How do animals eat? With their mouth. But people eat food. […]

Happy Father’s Day! We got you some tires.

A little ditty about our Sunday.   I am admittedly terrible at things like Father’s Day. Or Christian’s birthday. And Christmas. basically any day that doesn’t revolve around me. I think about gifts to get, cards to make, fun crafts to put together, and then BAM! It’s Sunday morning and I’m rushing to get the […]

And then the circus came to town

I had a plan. Today I was totally going to write about how the TigerCat had been gone for a week, and right when I started like feeling some feelings and stuff, I finally discovered he had taken up residence in the backyard of an elderly couple a block over. Then I was going to […]