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Oh hi, internets. What’s shaking? I left this blog to fend for itself for a few days while my parents dropped in for a last minute visit for a work thing for my dad. Then I had to take my kids out for ice cream this afternoon after they left to make up for the sadness. Did you know that wedding cake flavored froyo can solve all of the world’s problems? I’m pretty sure it could. I also had high hopes for the red velvet, but it didn’t deliver. Oh well.

She’s so sad. Doesn’t she look sad?


MomCom Austin is still on the horizon and you should totally go. I mean I am, so…

I’m actually really excited to hear speakers like Amy Simmons from Amy’s Ice Cream (if you’re not from Austin, Amy’s is THE ice cream place here in Austin. Which sounds kind of weird because it’s not where we went today, but my place of choice today was based not on my preference, but on the fact that there was a playground in the shopping center. Amy’s, you are my true favorite with your Mexican vanilla and Reese’s peanut butter cups and oh, those wacky hats!), erotica author Desiree Holt (who apparently uses Barbie dolls to simulate the, uh, “situations” in her novels!), and more. Also, MomCom is a place where I know I will get to see a bunch of my people, and it’s just a really fun day. So go get yo’ ticket here!

Some links:

Over on allParenting, I put together a fun roundup of upcycled crib ideas. I’m still waiting for the tutorial on how to turn mine into a keg.

I come and go with Momastery, but I really related to this post. I have a thing growing in my heart, and I know I’m going to have to buck up and do it soon.

Oh, you found your parents’ copy of the Joy of Sex too?

Seriously, y’all. A little dirt never hurt anyone.

I love this old man.

Jen Hatmaker does it once again with her relatable humor. Also, I don’t get people who don’t get satire. Then again, I lost a Facebook like when I mentioned twerking, so there you go.




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  1. Wedding cake flavored froyo is a thing? Mmm. Did you actually do Tough Mudder for real? That thing looks insane.

    1. Wedding cake froyo is DELICIOUS. I also had one once called cake batter and it was amazeballs. Seriously.

      Yes! I did Tough Mudder last October with my husband, his sister, and a few other people. It was intense, but not as intense as they make it look in the videos. I mean, it’s not easy and parts of it definitely are crazy (I for one will skip any and all electro-shock obstacles in the future bc that was traumatizing). I say I may do another, but I’m not so sure. My husband and his sister have each done 3! But I’m super proud of my headband and t-shirt.

    1. Go get some today! I think I do it more for me than for them. That and hitting the coffee shop next door…

  2. I would probably find my way to MomCon if it wasn’t for the fact that I will be out of the country then. Darn.

    And MAN, I miss Amy’s.

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