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We took an impromptu trip to the park yesterday because the library is boring and unacceptable. So we just renewed our books online like true lazy people and packed up a picnic lunch. We ran into a boy from her preschool class in the sandbox.

Boy: What’s your name?
Claire: Claire.
Boy: Hey! I have a Claire in my class at school!
Claire: Yeah, it’s ME, dude.

So many LOLs.

Some Stuff

Last week it did nothing but rain! But on one rainy day I got an email from Jonathan the business development manager at Hey Cupcake! [Commence drooling.] The company is launching their new Baby Oven delivery boxes, and he wanted to get some into the hands of Austin’s “movers and shakers.” I immediately accepted before he realized I was less a mover and shaker and more of a lounger and jiggler.

hey cupcake baby oven delivery box
Alla yous…get in mah belleh!

Hey Cupcake can deliver one single or up to 18 mini cupcakes in these adorable oven boxes, from $5.99 and up. They currently only deliver to certain zip codes in Austin proper (I’m in north Austin, and my zip code wasn’t on the list). I kinda really want someone I know to get sent to the hospital so I can send them some. Nothing crazy, just have a baby or break a femur or something. Jonathan was a delight to meet and interact with, so thank you for the cupcakes! My kids were over the moon about it on that rainy day. I let them have a few, but I’m mostly hoarding the others for myself.

*Hey Cupcake! graciously sent me a dozen mini cupcakes to check out their delivery box. All opinions and words and things are my own.

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  1. Can cupcakes be picked up in the boxes? That would rock. (If you’re not in the delivery area, I’m sure someone who passes cows before the nearest store isn’t going to be, either.)

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