Some quick thoughts on kindergarten because it’s all I can manage right now

It has been a WEEK. No joke, I’ve started about 57 posts in the past 3 days, and I just can’t bring myself to string a coherent sentence together. Truth be told, this week has been rough on all of us. I expected it to be an adjustment for the girls, but honestly, I didn’t […]

Dinner time: a liveblogging adventure

I’m a big believer in dinner prep TV time. Judge alllllll you want, with your children who want to help you cook or set the table or make tiny Brawny swans for a centerpiece. My children? They have good intentions. To drive me crazy one dinner at a time. Last night we had exhausted our […]

14 tips to pass the time on that long run

Some friends of mine are training for half marathons! YAY! Go, gurls! Then one admitted that after going for a 3 mile run, she couldn’t imagine running 13. Not because she physically didn’t think she could do it, but because it was so. damn. boring. I get that. Training for a half is tedious, intimidating, […]