The first kid-free day

Friday was my first real kid-free day. The first day in five and a half years where I didn’t feel rushed to get home or guilty for being alone while someone else watched my kids.

Five and a half years. A whole morning. Free of kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to death, but I love being alone. Like really love it. LET US BASK IN THIS GLORY OF ALONENESS.

Other days where Christian came home to watch the kids when i had an appointment or an event to go to don’t count. No, today, everyone was where they were supposed to be: kindergarten for Rachel and Claire and preschool for Zoe. As a left the preschool I saw a friend and gave her the old jazz hands as I walked out the door sans kids. If I could do a cartwheel without slamming into a wall and breaking a femur, I woulda done it, but I dropped out of gymnastics at age 4 or so. Never could do a proper cartwheel, and now it’s coming back to haunt me!

I’m not going to lie. It felt a little weird and a tad bit wrong to drive away with an empty car. I’ve looked forward to these days with anticipation and dread. Anticipation because have I mentioned the part about five and half years? And dread because I fear that I won’t make the most of this time. I should  work on that article that’s due in a few days, but I want to nap. I should  clean, but I want to read a book, which, let’s face it, will only lead to a nap.

And thus emerges the evidence of how my “job” here is changing, and how truly fortunate I am to be able to have this job. We haven’t really had a very high standard of productivity for the past 5 years, but for some reason I don’t think “keep everyone alive and don’t burn the house down” as number one on my to-do list anymore.

The laundry should get done, the kitchen floor destickified. Basically all of the things I had a really hard time doing with 3 little kids coming right behind me and undoing it. Important errands will get run. I’ll be expected to stay current on my work so I’m not up until midnight or later every night. Or if I am, it’s because I’m binge watching Orange is the New Black.


Today’s job duties entailed:


6am wake up call and shower.

6:30am wake up call and breakfast for the big girls.

Get everyone fed and clothed with presentable outfits, smooth ponytails, and fresh breath. Mostly.

Walk the big girls to school.

Finally open their online accounts so they can make cafeteria purchases.

Take Zoe to preschool.

Zip into Target in search of sunglasses (left empty handed. #miracle). Do you know how long it’s been since I could just ZIP in somewhere because I had an extra 30 minutes before my next stop? If I’d had 3 kids with me it would take me 30 minutes to get everyone out of the car and up to the door, only to have to turn around and strap everyone back in.

Eye doctor appointment, AKA the first appointment I have made for myself in FIVE AND A HALF YEARS where I didn’t have to confer with my husband for child care. Let us mark this day on the calendar of milestones.

Zip into another Target to continue the Great Sunglass Hunt. Found some! It’s very First World of me, I know, but I left my sunglasses at a friend’s last weekend, and have been plagued with daily headaches from squinting in the bright sun. It’s okay to roll your eyes.

Home for lunch of salad with rotisserie chicken and avocado.

Check containers of Chobani yogurt in the garage fridge to make sure they aren’t a part of the recall.

Enjoy some non-recalled yogurt.

Edit a friend’s writing resume.

Start a silly, self-absorbed blog post about what I’m doing on my first kid-free day. <— And you’re reading it right now! Worlds are colliding!

Pick up Zoe from preschool.

Head to the elementary school for the annual kindergarten Teddy Bear Parade & Picnic. Serious cuteness knows no bounds.

End kid free day. But start weekend early because Christian came home early for the parade. Holla!


It went faster than I thought it would, thanks to the doctor appointment, but honestly, I look forward to picking my girls up every single day. Even if they’re still reporting back that kindergarten is just okay. I know they’re having fun and learning. But being with me trumps school right now, and that’s fine with me.

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  1. My littlest is going to play school, 3 days a week, half days, come end of the year.
    The prospect of THREE child-free mornings is making me giddy.
    Let’s hope I do more useful things than nap and read books. Like a dental appointment.
    Or not. Heh.
    Hope everyone’s enjoying school!

  2. About the sunglasses – no, I will not roll my eyes.

    I have an autistic kid who doesn’t handle sunlight well, and he is nonverbal so he can’t really tell us just what the problem is. I have a friend who is very likely high-functioning autistic, and the way he describes the problem of stepping into the sunlight sometimes and just wanting to shut down, and his frustration now at not being able to communicate with my kid about coping methods, well, I will not criticize *anyone* who says they desperately need sunglasses.

    Enjoy your time to yourself! And, *occasionally* indulge in a nap.

  3. I love that you love being without your kids for that time, and can appreciate the changes in your lives without feeling sorry or sad.

    Your post reminded me of my first kid-free day, where as I drove away, the realization that I was driving in my car by myself and would every morning that year hit me, and I cried spontaneous tears of joy.

    Here’s to being productive (or not) this school year!

    1. Productivity is all relative, right? I think quiet car time is probably some of my favorite time.

  4. this is great! We have 2 yr old twin girls and a 5 yr old boy and he starts kinder next year and I cannot wait. He ususally tends to get the girls wound up, but best believe they can hold it down by themselves. He went to preschool last year for 3 days a week and boy did i love time with just the girls. We are home-schooling him this year (his bday is Sept. 11, which cut him off from going straight to Kinder this yr and we wanted to save some money!) and it is great that the girls still nap, so I can get some time in with him, schooling wise. I love your blog and just know you are giving this at home mom some real hope. Keep these great blogs coming! Many Blessings to you and yours. Have a Great one!

    1. Oh I’m so glad! I do miss nap time. The youngest stopped napping at around 2 because she wanted to play with her sisters. 🙂

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