Need to do, want to do, and what I’ll probably actually do

We’re entering week three of kindergarten and week two of preschool, and I still haven’t settled into a routine. I didn’t expect it to happen right away, but we’ve had some hiccups along the way, like Claire being sick the two days after Labor Day and Zoe, the world’s tiniest dictator, being with me the first week and every Tuesday/Thursday.

So knocking on wood that everyone will remain healthy and go to school as planned in the coming week, but I still fear my own disorganization will get in the way of any productivity. I have deadlines coming up, blog posts I want to write, things I need to do around the house, and things I just plum want to do because I’m a grown up and I can do whatever I want, dammit!

Things I need to do

Freelance work
Meal plan (my least favorite, so if you have any good Pinterest dinner boards, leave me the link in the comments!)
Clean pantry
Clean kids rooms/clear out old toys and clothes
Clean my room/clear out junk
Clean splatters off kitchen walls
I should probably just put “set fire to the house” on the list.

Things I want to do

Write a million blog posts about stuff that crosses my mind when I’m normally bogged down with kids

Hunt for the perfect pair of jeans
Finish Orange is the New Black and start on Doctor Who
Check out the “new” H&M store that I still haven’t visited even though it opened almost a year ago
Read a book
NAP (because I really can’t read without getting sleepy anyway. It’s the logical next step)

What I’ll probably actually do

Spend way too much time on Facebook
Start a million blog posts but get distracted by something shiny (ahem, Facebook)
Stay current on my 12 Words With Friends games
Go to the store every day for “that thing I forgot”
Eat ALL the Pirate’s Booty

I hold myself under a lot of pressure to remain productive on these kids days. I feel like it’s how I need to “earn my keep” in a way. So bless you to my friends Vanessa and Manya who told me that I had better not cook, clean, or grocery shop, and that I was well overdue for an entire day or nothing. My friend Elizabeth told me to have a glass of wine. I love my friends.

But after this week (because a girl needs an adjustment period, amirite?), if you see me hanging out on Facebook or waist deep in a Costco sized bag of Pirate’s Booty, smack me upside the head and tell me to get to work. Or at least tell me to take a nap.

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  1. I’m going to do grown-ass stuff until sometime after 11, because the grown-ass stuff will take me that long, then I will have lunch with a friend I haven’t had lunch with since sometime in May, then I need to provide ride help to someone dealing with car issues (and 20 minutes after I offered that kind of help to one person at that particular time, someone else asked for it, and I won’t know until noonish whom I’m actually helping today). The kids start coming home.

    Ooo, maybe I’ll get some laundry done!

    Also, dinner for tonight needs to be planned. No clue on that right now.

  2. Hope you find your groove soon! I spent yday doing nothing productive and it was amazing! Of course today I must work, fold laundry, pack lunches, pick up kids from school..and well you know the drill.

    1. Let’s find a happy medium: mostly productive, but with a little goofing off here and there. Even people who go to an office screw around some times, right?

  3. will you marry me? Mostly because we are so similar….and I will make sure you take Naps, I love naps! 🙂

    I spent the weekend doing close to nothing (well I put FALL/AUTUMN out in our house with decorations but that was it) and now I know that I’ll be paying for it tonight when we get home…laundry, kindergarten projects, watching Burn notice. LOL

    hoping you find that groove soon…you will. Until then, stop reading my comments and TAKE A NAP! XOXOXOX

    1. And I get distracted SO easily. Not just by Facebook, but by things I need to do. I’ll abandon a task for a new one just because I see “Oh! This bathroom is filthy! Must clean it!” And I forget I was in the middle of emptying the dishwasher.

  4. I am so grateful to read posts like these that let me know that my days don’t look very much different than other people’s days sometimes.

  5. set fire to the house! I love it. I often feel like that 🙂 Last year when my first was off to Kindy it took us a good couple of months to settle in the new school routine. I do think it will happen for you guys. Hang in.

  6. I already ate all the Pirate’s Booty, so apologies there’s none left for you. When in doubt, always go for the nap. Also, what is the deal with Doctor Who? Is it really that good? I can’t believe how many people talk about that show…

    1. Yeah, I don’t tend to jump on a bandwagon until everyone literally won’t stop talking about it. So I’m there with Dr. Who.

      And strangely enough? I’m not tired at all when they’re gone. It’s when they come home that I’m all of the sudden dragging. They suck the energy out of me!

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