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We’re having a huge monsoon this weekend. On the 10 and the 2 my hands were, driving through this!

Some stuff

Three weeks. Three weeks was what it took for Rachel and Claire to turn a corner and finally accept that kindergarten is not evil. I may have even heard things like “I love school!” and “I’m not going to miss you!” Whoa there. One step at a time, kid.


Adjustment or not, we’re still trying to find our after school groove between snacks, homework, down time, and play time. They’re so freaking tired, and I honestly have no idea what to do with them. The other day Claire declared that “playing is too hard!” Kindergarten problems, yo. Have faith that when I figure it out, I’ll deliver a post about it because I’ll be singing hallelujah from the rooftops!


I’ve decided that homework will be the death of me, and that my instinct that I could never home school is spot on. Juggling two different assignments with twins, albeit short ones, makes me short circuit.


I found out that Zoe spends a good portion of her day at preschool trying to kiss a boy named Kai. And so it begins. O_0


On a positive note, Christian and I went out to lunch without kids this week. TWICE. It was magical. I felt like we were dating. Then we promptly ran out of things to say and started looking at cat GIFs on our phones.


While we’re on the topic of Christian and cat GIFs, Saturday is our ELEVENTH wedding anniversary. Every time I think I’ve run out of things to say about this man, he does something simple like start making the girls’ lunches at night because I’m bogged down with deadlines, or sit and watch Orange is the New Black with me even though he doesn’t want to admit that he thinks it’s interesting.


Anyway, my friend Lori (who I may have told you LOVES to be mentioned on this blog) graciously agreed to let our three girls come have a little slumber party with her two kids so we can go out to dinner or take a nap or something. It’s a toss up. But thanks, LORI! You’re the best.


Oh! I almost forgot. I just bought my ticket for BlogathonATX, being held October 19 here in Austin. I went to Blogathon 2 years ago and have been trying to get back ever since. It’s a fun day spent blogging, eating, networking, eating, learning, and eating. Super fun and tasty day. See you there?


Some links

I finally watched The Scarecrow video. Well done, Chipotle.

10 things you should never say to someone from Austin. Numbers 9 and 4, YES.

A breast cancer “thriver” is sick of the pink.

What your taste in music says about you on a date. The Shins one made me guffaw because I LOVE the movie Garden State.

Surviving Whole Foods. So many LOLs.


Me, elsewhere…

If you’re in Austin and want to get your presidential history on, Zoe and I visited the LBJ Library and Museum.

When was the last time I shared any AllParenting articles with you? I have no idea.

The good, the bad and the very ugly of shopping for a kindergartener

Are school supply lists getting out of hand? 

Cream cheese apple dip. BOOM.


Happy weekend!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I would love it if my husband would look at cat GIFs with me on a date, because then he wouldn’t be trying to talk to me about football. 😉

  2. “I’m not going to miss you…”
    HA HA HA HA!

    I love the confidence – even though of course it’s not true 🙂

    Because playing is too hard, after all.
    Happy Anniversary – one day late.

    Cheers to enduring love and to the next eleven years. May they be full of cat GIFs, kid-free lunches and episodes of television you both like (even if one of you is keeping it a secret).

  3. Happy Anniversary!! On the kindergarten stuff – when in doubt, feel free to try The Kenny Rogers Method. Also please do a follow up post on those cat GIFs.

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