The last glimpse of summer

September in Austin is absolute torture. We’ve left behind the sweltering months of June, July, and August, and my brain is telling me it should be cooler, but my skin is reminding me that it’s still a hundred million degrees out.

Then one day, when we least expect it, we wake up to find it cool and crisp. And we can open the windows for the first time in 4 months, except that time in June when I horribly burned that popcorn and had no choice because burnt popcorn is the WORST especially when the smell is embedded in all of your couch cushions.

And when the children feel the cool, crisp air, they sense the shift is seasons has finally come. Rachel will insist on wearing the long sleeved shirt that’s been sitting in the drawer for weeks – the new one, the one with the kittens on it, and Claire will declare that it’s Halloween and demand we go get pumpkins this instant.

The so called lazy days of summer have been gone for a few weeks now. School is in full swing, and we’re adjusting accordingly. Now also gone are the days where we don’t dare go outside for fear of melting or getting third degree burns from the fake leather car interior. ¬†Gone is the swimming, the all too frequent ice cream trips, and soon the mosquitoes, GOD, THE MOSQUITOES.

I know the heat will return before the cool is here to stay. But I also know that we’ve had our last glimpse of summer.



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    1. Our heat…is back. Not nearly as bad, but we’re hitting the 90s in the afternoons. After the summer heat though, I feel like I need a sweater.

  1. How nice that you can open the windows and enjoy the cooler days We are cool in the mornings and overnight, but still warm enough for short sleeves without jackets in the afternoons. The leaves are turning now, so I know sweaters are just around the corner.

    1. That’s exactly what we have, Kim. it was so nice to run in the cooler air this morning, but our afternoons are back up in the 90s. Texas is pretty unpredictable, but it likely won’t cool off for good until mid October.

    1. Your heater?!? That’s big time winter here! As soon as it gets cold enough for the heater, all of us Texans will start complaining about the cold instead of the summer heat.

  2. I broke out my boots and hats this week, which is my idea of heaven. You have mosquitoes there? I wasn’t aware…will have to check the mosquito status before I visit my parents again. I can’t handle scorpions and mosquitoes in one visit.

    1. In my neck of the woods we do, but I also have a very shaded backyard that retains a lot of moisture. The only time I’ve seen scorpions is when we lived in an apartment in an area that was still being developed.

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