Touch-A-Truck Benefiting Austin Children’s Shelter

  I’m doing a rare, local giveaway here today, so if you’re not an Austin area reader, feel free to check in with me next time, and have a great weekend!   This giveaway is closed! Congrats to Carol for winning the family 4-pack of tickets!   On Saturday, November 2, 2013, Gorgeous Millie presents […]

Kate Hopper’s Ready for Air

  From our first OB appointment to confirm my pregnancy, I knew I was high risk. Rachel and Claire were monozygotic/dichorionic twins, meaning that they resulted from the same egg and shared a placenta, but they each had their individual amniotic sac. Not the most risky twin scenario, but the chances of developing complications was […]

That time I witnessed a car accident

I witnessed a car accident today, on my way to pick the big girls up from kindergarten. We usually walk, but today Zoe and I had run an all important errand to Garden Ridge for random decorative crap. If you’re not from Texas and don’t know what the hell Garden Ridge is, think humongous, unsavory-looking […]