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Go home, Words With Friends, you are drunk. Also, totally not related to anything below.

A few of you have asked what ever happened with my skin saga, and I realized that I totally left everyone in the dark about that.

Okay, one. One of you asked. And it was an IRL friend. But I still felt special.

Everything’s fine. Nothing shady going on in my epidermis, but the mega holes in my back where they took out about half my skin still haven’t healed all the way. Did you know that they recommend putting Vasaline on it because the petroleum jelly helps build the skin cells back up so when it heals you’re not left with a huge divot in your back? You’re welcome.

So if you missed it, skin saga part I, skin saga part II, and now everything is A-ok, and I can go back to making up other ailments for myself.

Some Links

Did you know that Torchy’s Tacos has a secret menu?

Looking bad is the new looking good.

I just… don’t… understand?

Four Important Things For Us Dumb People To Know About Space Before Seeing “Gravity” – Hilarious. Still not gonna see it. Space movies give me huge anxiety.

Airplane lavatory self portraits. (Also, I always thought it was lavoratory? Or lavaratory? I put a whole other syllable in there.

Two friends of mine wrote about the secret to surviving the Austin City Limits Festival with kids on LiveMom and Growing Up Austin.

The moments – This post from The Mama Bird Diaries stuck a chord because it’s hilarious and true at the same time. Parents of 3+ especially will understand (but it’s for all parents!)


Me, elsewhere:

I had a piece syndicated on BlogHer, and it seemed to strike quite a chord with people. Mainly people on the BlogHer Facebook page who told me that I’m a horrible mother who doesn’t love her children. The thing is, BlogHer changed the title of the piece. It’s misleading, and I doubt that some of those people even read the essay. Meh.

Is the BRAT diet just a myth?

The dangers of social media shaming. Sometimes I hate that I’m raising kids in a social media infused world.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Hooray for your skin! I just learned that Vaseline tip with my last mini surgery too. My favorite part about that confusing art (?) website is that the model appears to be wearing Skechers Shape-Ups.

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