Thanksgiving preparations of mediocrity

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, and even though my mother in law is only one extra person, I’m following my usual routine of overwhelm, which means I’m sitting comfortably in the land of CANNOT COMPUTE/MUST SHUT DOWN/SEE YOU AFTER ALL THE EXCITEMENT IS OVER. It’s what happens when I’m expected to do more than surf […]

The Domain’s Lighting of the Great Tree & Holiday Activities

Hey! This is a sponsored post through Orange Wall Collective. I know! Two in one week. I hardly ever do sponsored posts, and this was a mere coincidence. But it’s thanks to things like this that this blog stays up and running, so thank you for supporting those that support Genie in a Blog. One […]

Find the time to write

Note: I used Grammarly for proofreading online because sometimes even the biggest grammar snobs don’t catch their own mistakes. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Grammarly. Every once in a while I do sponsored posts because they help me contribute to my family or do fun things like go to conferences. All bad writing and terrible metaphors […]

Announcing Listen to Your Mother Austin 2014!

I am a jeans and tshirt kind of girl. Flip flops. Flats if I’m feeling fancy. Basically, I like being comfortable. Things I don’t like include being in uncomfortable situations, trying new things, and the unknown. And pickles. I don’t really like pickles. The last time I really stepped out of my comfort zone, I […]

Should I even post about Halloween, or are we done with all that?

I know. You’re over it. Meh, I’ll do it anyway. We had Batgirl, Batman (emphasis on the MAN), and a unicorn, despite telling anyone who would listen that she was going to be a butterfly. I have bought the supplies, child, YOU ARE A UNICORN. In case you think I’m projecting my own childhood issues […]