Should I even post about Halloween, or are we done with all that?

I know. You’re over it. Meh, I’ll do it anyway.

We had Batgirl, Batman (emphasis on the MAN), and a unicorn, despite telling anyone who would listen that she was going to be a butterfly. I have bought the supplies, child, YOU ARE A UNICORN. In case you think I’m projecting my own childhood issues of never getting my own unicorn costume, this is what she asked for about 57 times before she decided to start telling people otherwise.

We actually had a fantastic night trick or treating. We invited Rachel’s little bestie from her class to come with us, then ended up picking up a couple more kids that they knew, including Claire’s current love interest. And then she told his dad, with all earnestness:

“J gets a lot of negatives in class.” And he laughed. Because I’m sure he knew that.

Halloween week was pure hell, with a sick child home for 2 days, which put a kink in my productivity and runs for costume supplies. Yes, I am a costume maker.

I have this terrible, annoying habit of preferring to make things. I can’t even bring myself to buy a piece of art from a chain store because I know that a) there are ten thousand others just like it, and b) surely I could slap some paint on a canvas and have something original. Yes, please ask me if I take the steps to do that. Possibly related: my walls are pretty bare.

So I know I can go buy a Batman costume, but wouldn’t it just be more fun to make it??? The answer is no, it would not. It will be stressful and annoying and “measure twice cut once” and then cut again because you didn’t learn from last year to tack on a few extra lines of the ruler to everything.

Regardless, I cut some fabric, threw on some velcro and no-sew adhesive (because I don’t sew, and I’m too lazy even for iron-on adhesive), and about 238 man hours later, we had three costumes at a fraction of the price it would have cost to buy them, and that’s even with my gross overestimation of fabric, another lovely habit I am proud to carry around. If anyone needs a pink superhero cape, holler at me. I’m up to my ears in shiny cloth.

But wait. There’s more.

Thursday was also Science Day at school, where the kids were encouraged to dress up as a sciency word, Dress up = costume, and that’s just more work for me. We decided on the extremely complicated and advanced themes of Hot and Cold. Not too difficult, but bad timing, school. Bad timing. Although sources say that maybe I procrastinate a little and that adds to my stress level?

So Wednesday night I was up until 1 am making Science Day stuff AND working on costumes, then was up at 6 am to get the girls to school. After drop off I stopped at the library to ask about a book we drenched in milk (and now own! Yay!), and that’s when I found out that the Science Day parade was at 8. Yeah, it was on the marquee outside the school and I didn’t notice. I’VE BEEN BUSY. So I stuck around with about 5 other parents who actually remembered, and we watched them all march around as thermometers and suns and beakers. And Iron Man. One kid was Iron Man. Because eff it, it’s Halloween, and Tony Stark is the ultimate scientist, right?

And then I went home, did some dishes, puttered around with Zoe, finally dragged Christian out of bed (he took the day off, thank GOD), crawled into bed myself and passed out until noon, NO LIE.

THAT, my  friends, is how you know you need some sleep.

Also, we’re turning our clocks back tonight, which means my kids will be getting up at like 5am for the next week or so and drive me freaking bananas like last year. It was super fun. Happy Daylight Savings! Here’s a unicorn.


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  1. The unicorn hoodie is phenomenal. As for being done with Halloween, the way I see it- if I’m still downing 4 mini snickers bars with every cup of coffee, pics of kids in costumes are fair game.

  2. I love all your writing! Lol makes my day to hear your humor and what the girls are doing. Love you did!

  3. I made Cady’s costumes up until the year she was in kindergarten and David held an intervention. That was the year of the Jasmine costume I sewed, the scarecrow costume I had to get ready for school, and then the week after Halloween the 50’s day costume. Now I just buy them.

    1. Okay, what is with the week after Halloween 50s theme? I don’t know if they are encouraged to dress up during the day, but they are having a 50s sock hop on Friday. I think we’re skipping that one. And you should know that I don’t sew. It’s all hot glue and no-sew adhesive up in here!

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